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‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Will Todrick Hall Win It All?

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Will Todrick Hall take home the $250,000 grand prize on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother finale? Well that depends on who you ask. Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 was filled with drama and heartbreak. Unfortunately for Hall, he was at the center of it all. Tonight’s finale will surely be an hour long shade fest as the jurors get to come back and cast their vote for a winner.

Hall, Cynthia Bailey, and Miesha Tate are the final three competitors. Depending on who wins the live Head of Household competition, our jurors will then be able to lock in their key and choose the next Big Brother winner.

As a game, Big Brother puts contestants in a house with cameras and watches them 24/7. There are competitions that allow contestants to evict their competitors. Alliances are formed, backstabbing happens, and there is no shortage of lies told on the show. Big Brother is not only for contestants who could dominate physical competitions, but it is also a mental game. There are always contestants who may not be great at the physical component of the game, but they are stellar at their social game.

The social game is where Hall weakened his chances to win the competition. The jurors this season had the chance to watch each episode of Big Brother as well as the contestants’s private confessionals. Hall has made headlines for rude comments and talking behind many of the houseguests’s backs. The singer must’ve forgotten that he would need these same very people in the end if he wanted to win.

Hall’s social game was non-existent. From criticizing houseguest Chris Kirkpatrick’s parenting skills to body shaming Shanna Moakler, the entertainer did not make any friends in the house.

Todrick Hall ‘Big Brother’ Superfan

“So I was booted off of @bigbrothercbs by my fake friend Todrick. He should have been a bit more strategic as he must have forgotten I get a jury vote for the winner,” Lamar Odom posted on Instagram

Throughout the season Odom formed a bond with Hall, only for Hall to be the deciding vote that evicted him out of the house.

Other houseguests have gone on to do interviews to express their disappointment with Hall. Whereas many see this as just a game, they believe Hall made it personal. Where the entertainer first went wrong was aligning himself with most of the houseguest within 24 hours of the show starting. One would think that a Big Brother superfan like Hall would know that too many alliances leads to a disaster.

Hall now has a hole to dig himself out of if he wants to win. Moakler said that she would make sure the jury votes against him as she was evicted. Houseguest Todd Bridges thought Hall was his friend until he watched what was said about him. Bridges later tweeted and denounced his support for Hall. Moakler, Odom, and Bridges are not the only houseguests who want to make sure Hall doesn’t win. Even first evicted houseguest Teddi Mellencamp is not happy with Hall. That is how long his social game suffered.

To make matters worse for the entertainer, because of a houseguest who self evicted, fans may get a vote on tonight’s finale. Hall hasn’t won over any fans of the show either.


Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 Champion

Cynthia Bailey has the best shot at winning tonight’s finale. Bailey played the best social game out of the three finalists. Although she did not win any competitions, she can use her honesty to her advantage. Bailey was all about keeping her word, and besides some drama with Bridges, she has walked away this season without making enemies.

Bailey is in the position to be taken to the final two. If Hall or Tate wins the live Head of Household competition, both competitors see Bailey as the weaker link. They believe they can convince the jurors that they played a stronger game.

Tonight’s finale is the ultimate example on if a strong social game is the key to winning Big Brother.

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