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Blake Shelton Has an Evil Plan to Help Cam Anthony Win ‘The Voice’

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On tonight’s episode of The Voice, Cam Anthony blew the competition away with his rendition of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men. It was the performance that left everyone speechless and had Blake Shelton doubling down on the comments he made last week about making Cam a superstar. It’s all a part of Shelton’s evil plan.

Blake Shelton Doubles Down on Superstar Comments About Cam Anthony on ‘The Voice’

Last week on The Voice, Shelton declared that Cam has a bright future ahead of him with the potential to be the first superstar to come out of the show.

“You have delivered every time you stand on this stage,” Shelton said. “I’ve never had more people asking me about an artist on my team, in 20 seasons of doing this show. You could be the first superstar that we launch off this show.”

This week, Shelton literally lost his mind when he heard Cam rehearsing the iconic song. The 19-year-old singer is clearly the one to beat in the competition and Shelton knows that he has the possible winner of the season on his team.

“I’m hoping you win this thing for you and then for me so I can make fun of them” Shelton confessed during the rehearsal. “My evil plan is coming together.”

Cam’s performance was the perfect balance of showing off the range of his voice along with scaling it back a little bit and really connecting to the viewers at home. John Legend, who has made it known that he is jealous Cam is not on his team, called his song choice “a test for a good vocalist.”

His Song Choice Made All of the Coaches Nostalgic

This song made the coaches all very nostalgic. They grew up listening to the song and Legend even remembers people singing it at the high school talent show. Needless to say, the song choice was a hit across the board.

“I really believe in you as an artist. I think your future is so bright. I’m so impressed with you,” Legend added.

When it came time for Shelton to give his critique, he was ready to sing Cam’s praises and reiterate the comments he made during last week’s episode.

“To stand up here on a stage without any instrument, anything backing you up, anything to hide behind, just you and your voice on NBC live national television, that takes a lot of nerve and that was beautiful,” he said. “I’m going to double down, this guy’s a superstar. He is 19 years old America. This young man is going to go far.”


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