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‘American Idol’ Top 7 Tease New Original Singles Releasing This Friday


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The American Idol Top 7 all have new singles releasing this Friday. Even though the competition has been narrowed down to the Top 5, eliminated contestants Jay and Christian Guardino will also be releasing songs.

‘American Idol’ Top 7 Preview Original Songs

The American Idol singers recently teased the new singles on social media, to give fans a sneak preview of what they can hear this Friday. Let’s take a look at what each contestant has up their sleeve ahead of the official release date.

Fritz Hager

Fritz was one of two contestants to test positive for Covid-19 before last Sunday’s show. His rehearsal footage was shown, and it was impressive enough for America to vote him into the Top 5. His original single is called “Hearts Align.”

“Head on my chest, breaking my bones / And I’m falling hard, ’cause you’re not my home / And I find it hard to believe it,” Fritz sings in the preview, which sounds reminiscent of the singer’s idol and past winner Philip Phillips.


This country singer is the last Platinum Ticket winner left in the competition. She’s moving into the Top 5 and releasing a new song called “Red Bird.” In her Instagram preview, HunterGirl called it “one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written.”

“My mama told me when I was a kid / When a red bird flies, close your eyes, make a wish,” HunterGirl sings in the preview, showing off her signature country twang.

Leah Marlene

Leah has remained a frontrunner throughout the competition, and this week she made it into the Top 5. She shared a TikTok video from last year when she was working on the song, which she calls “an encouragement to my past self.”

“Even the pavement gives way to the flowers / When you’re six feet under it’s hard to hear the fracture,” Leah sings in the song’s preview, which features her signature acoustic guitar backing.


Nicolina has showed off a powerhouse voice on a number of soaring performances throughout the competition. Now she’s in the Top 5 and releasing a new single called “Glitter.” The song features some pretty glam cover art.

“String of lights on the door / Welcome back to your life, this is worth living for / There’s so much left in store,” Nicolina sings in the song’s preview, which sounds like an emotional pop ballad.

Noah Thompson

Like Fritz, Noah also tested positive for Covid-19 before Sunday’s show. He ended up performing from his hotel room, and it was enough to take him into the Top 5. On Friday, he’ll be releasing the song “One Day Tonight.”

“Now and then, after work on Friday nights / She’ll lean into a bottle of wine,” he sings in the classic-country-sounding preview. “And I just sit, watch her talk about forever / Gotta admit, it might be my favorite thing ever.”

Christian Guardino

Christian delivered some amazing performances throughout the competition, but he was unfortunately eliminated during Sunday night’s episode. However, he’ll get to perform with Michael Bublé in the finale, and he has a new song coming out called “Higher.”

“Come closer, tell me when to go / We fall further, into the rabbit hole we go,” he sings in the preview, which is backed by some exciting percussion and soulful vocals.


This singer earned a Platinum Ticket during auditions and showed off some powerful vocals throughout the competition, but he unfortunately didn’t make it into the Top 5. However, fans can now look forward to his new single “Unlonely.”

“Hometown dive bar, I never see a new face in these parts / Oldies on the jukebox, we play darts every Thursday, Friday night,” he sings in the preview. The song sounds like it’ll have everyone up and dancing.

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