AGT Semi-finals: Who Is Performing Tomorrow And What To Expect?

Jill O'Rourke
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The AGT semifinals for Season 14 are starting this week, and now we know the lineup for the first episode. It’s sure to be a great show, with several fan favorites, including Kodi Lee and Tyler Butler-Figueroa, performing in the same week.
Who is performing on the AGT Semi-Finals? Who will be on AGT tomorrow? Find out here.

Noticeably, the show has separated frontrunners Kodi Lee and V.Unbeatable into separate weeks. Dark horse contestant Emanne Beasha will also perform separately from fellow singer Kodi Lee. Read on for this week’s performers.

Ansley Burns got stopped by Simon Cowell two times and still is well and safe on the show. For now at least.

Ansley Burns On AGT Semifinals

This young singer hasn’t had an easy road on the show. Simon Cowell stopped her first two performances mid-song, and she was then eliminated from the competition. She returned as a wildcard in the quarterfinals, and was voted to continue in the Dunkin’ Save. Will her luck continue?

Greg Morton is performing on the AGT Semi-Finals tomorrow and we are ready to get impressed by this master impressionist!

Greg Morton On AGT Semifinals

This impressionist continues to impress the judges with his entertaining reenactments of classic movies like Star Wars and The Godfather. Apparently, America agrees, as they voted to send him to the semifinals. Will his charming act be enough to keep him going in the competition?

Kodi Lee is a ray of hope we didn’t know we needed on AGT but here he is and he is performing in America’s Got Talent Semi-Finals tomorrow

Kodi Lee On AGT Semifinals

This blind and autistic singer took social media by storm after his Golden Buzzer audition. America loved his quarterfinals performance, and voted him through to the semifinals. He should have no problem making it to the finals. We can’t wait to see what he chooses to sing this week.
Light Balance Kids stole our hearts in Judge cuts, remember? They will be performing on tomorrow’s Semi-Finals.

Light Balance Kids On AGT Semifinals

This dance group from Ukraine received the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Ellie Kemper during the Judge Cuts. Although their quarterfinals performance didn’t impress judge Simon Cowell, America voted them through to the semifinals.

Messoudi Brothers are here to stay, not only are they gorgeous but also have impossible strength.

Messoudi Brothers On AGT Semifinals

This acrobatic trio of brothers didn’t let an accident during rehearsals stop them from delivering a great quarterfinals performance. It was enough for America to vote them through to the semifinals. But how will they fare against more talked-about acts like Kodi Lee?

Ndlovu Youth Choir will remidnj you why we need music to heal us and they will be performing on AGT Semi-Finals tomorrow night.

Ndlovu Youth Choir On AGT Semifinals

This singing group from South Africa got a second chance during the quarterfinals. They lost the Dunkin’ Save to singer Chris Kläfford, and were up for the judges’ choice. The judges were tied, so the act with the most votes went through. That turned out to be Ndlovu Youth Choir.

Robert Finley, the beacon of hope reminding us that it is indeed never too late will be performing tomorrow in the AGT Semi-Finals.

Robert Finley On AGT Semifinals

This blind singer knows how to make the judges and audience feel good with his original songs. It was enough to send him through to the semifinals, but will America take him all the way to the finals? We’ll have to wait and see.

Tyler Butler Figueroa, our little child cancer survivor that rose above the bullying is hear to make you cry with joy at AGT Semi-Finals

Tyler Butler-Figueroa On AGT Semifinals

This young cancer survivor makes magic on the violin. His AGT audition received the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell, and his quarterfinals performance wowed America enough to send him to the semifinals.

Eric Chien is performing tomorrow and we can’t wait to be magically wowed all over again.

Eric Chien On AGT Semifinals

Both Eric Chien and fellow magician Dom Chambers made it through to the semifinals. However, they’ll be performing in separate weeks. Will Eric’s closeup magic skills send him through to the finals?

Benicio Bryant is amazing okay? Enough said.

Benicio Bryant On AGT Semifinals

Although he never received a Golden Buzzer, this young singer has been praised by the judges since his audition. Simon even compared him to Harry Styles. In the quarterfinals, he chose to perform an original song, and it paid off. Will America continue to support him this week?

Jackie Fabulous is funny okay? She’s not just Simon Cowell’s fav but also ours!

Jackie Fabulous On AGT Semifinals

America showed their love for this funny standup comic during the quarterfinals. Jackie was up for the Dunkin’ Save last week, and viewers voted to keep her in the competition. We’ll see this week if their support will take her to the finals.

Watch these acts compete in the first week of the AGT semi-finals, this Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. Then watch to see who made it through to the finals on Wednesday’s results show.

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