‘AGT’ Semi-Finalist Marcin Patrzalek Now a Signed Musician

Catherine DiMeglio
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The America’s Got Talent stage has highlighted a number of talented musicians over the years. On season 14, guitarist Marcin Patrzalek shook the crowd with his insane musical ability. His technique was special enough for him to walk away as a Semi-Finalist. Since then, the Polish born artist has gained more international recognition and has signed an exclusive contract with Sony Masterworks. The guitarist also released his latest work, “Paganini’s Caprice no. 5” on YouTube.

This project is also the latest in the repertoire of works from the young artist. Fans are astounded by his musical ability, as he has even been described as the “Mozart” of this generation. In a pinned comment from the artist himself, he says the arrangement was unplanned. However, once the process began, a masterpiece came to be.

Who is Marcin Patrzalek?

While he is just 20-years-old, the talented musician has had a years-long career in the business. He began honing his craft at age 10 when he picked up classical guitar. After two years, he started studying Spanish flamenco techniques, which are heard in his playing today.

In 2015, Marcin showed his talents to the world for the first time. He won the ninth edition of Polish talent-show, Must Be The Music. During this time, the musician began to create electronic music in combination with his guitar playing. This resulted in the creation of his debut record, HUSH. The album released in 2016 and was composed of six original tracks.

In 2018, Marcin won yet another major talent show. He reigned victorious in the fifth edition of Tu Si Que Vales in Italy. In his audition, he performed a viral rendition of “Beethoven’s 5th Symphony”, receiving unanimous votes from both the judges and studio audience. Later that year, Marcin released his first EP titled revAMP, featuring a compilation of his most popular arrangements. He also became an official endorser of Ibanez acoustic guitars.

Marcin on America’s Got Talent and Beyond

In 2019, Marcin took to the AGT stage on season 14. Here, he performed a medley that consisted of “Beethoven’s 5th Symphony” and System of a Down’s “Toxicity” on the guitar.

“You’ve just demonstrated what that thing was actually invented for, so respect, that was amazing,” commented Simon Cowell.

His audition ended with a standing ovation from the audience as all judges sent him on to the next round. He performed well enough in the competition to make it to the Semi Finals stage. In this round, he performed Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” which once again was praised with a standing ovation. He unfortunately was eliminated after this stage of the competition, but his musical journey didn’t end there.

His performances led him to sign an exclusive contract with Sony Masterworks, a division of Sony Music. So far, two singles have been released under this label. “Moonlight Sonata” and “Snow Monkey.” Both tracks were produced by Marcin himself.

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