‘AGT’ Recap: The Best Acts Fight For America’s Vote To The Finals [VOTE HERE]

Jill O'Rourke
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Tuesday night marked the second week of semifinals on AGT Season 14. The episode featured performances from favorites like V. Unbeatable, Emanne Beasha, and Marcin Patrzalek. Only five of the night’s acts will make it through to the finals, which air next week.

Gust judge Queen Latifah on ‘AGT’

Tonight’s show featured another guest judge. Queen Latifah joined the judges’ table to give her opinion on the night’s acts. Check out all of the acts below, and vote for your favorites online or by downloading the AGT app.

Vote for V. Unbeatable

This inspiring dance group from the slums of Mumbai, India, brought their A-game for an incredible semifinals performance. They used ladders as props for their acrobatic moves. Simon Cowell declared them “in it to win it.” Julianne Hough called them “the ones to beat” and said she wants to learn from them.

Vote Dom Chambers

This clever Australian magician returned with another beer-themed act. Dom made a “mega-beer” disappear, but not before making Simon look like a “genius” for guessing the right amount of bottles it took to fill it. The judges praised him for his creativity, and Simon said it might put him through to the finals.

Vote Luke Islam

This young singer who dreams of becoming a Broadway star returned to the stage with a performance of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. Julianne, who hit the Golden Buzzer for him, said she feels like a “proud mama.” Gabrielle Union called him a “world-class talent,” and Howie Mandel guaranteed him he will be on Broadway.

Vote Lukas & Falco

This dog act was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but earned the chance to return as a wildcard in this round. Their routine had a few slip-ups, but it ended on a high note with Falco walking on the judges’ table and getting pets from Simon. Howie gave them a negative critique, and Simon argued with him.

Vote Chris Kläfford

This Swedish singer-songwriter returned with another emotional original song. Howie said the song didn’t connect with him, and questioned whether he would get the votes. Julianne and Gabrielle, however, said they loved it. Queen Latifah said she could imagine being at his concert.

Vote Detroit Youth Choir

Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer act took the stage for an energetic performance of “High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco. As Queen Latifah put it, “That’s entertainment.” The performance made Gabrielle tear up. Simon praised the choir’s director, saying, “We all need a Mr. White in our lives.”

Vote Alex Dowis

This blacklight painter returned to tell another dramatic story, this one paying tribute to first responders. Howie said he didn’t follow all of the story, but said it had a good message. Julianne told him, “There is a place here for you.” Queen Latifah said his act is “evocative,” and Simon pointed out the importance of 9-11 and called it “remarkable.”

Vote Marcin Patrzalek

After almost being eliminated in the quarterfinals, this Polish guitarist returned to perform a unique rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” accompanied by percussionists. Julianne praised him for choosing a familiar song, and Gabrielle said he “killed it.” Simon said it was his best performance so far.

Vote Emanne Beasha

This 10-year-old opera singer brought two more stuffed animals with her for luck in the semifinals. She delivered another stunning performance, this time with an opera version of “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You.” Julianne called it “profound,” and Gabrielle called her an “angel on Earth.”

Vote Ryan Niemiller

This comedian returned to AGT with jokes about driving across the country and the difficulties of tanning as a ginger. Gabrielle said she looks forward to his comedy special, and Queen Latifah said she was still laughing afterward. She said he “mastered” the art of self-deprecation.

Vote Voices of Service

This group of former service members hope to bring awareness to issues such as PTSD through their music. Tonight, they brought an emotional performance of “Choke” by OneRepublic to the stage. Simon called it their best performance of the season, and said they deserve to be in the finals. Queen Latifah said they reminded her of her Vietnam veteran father.

What did you think of tonight’s performances? Do you agree with the judges’ assessments? Tune in Wednesday night to find out which acts made it to the finals.

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