‘AGT’ Predictions: Who Will Make It To The Final?

Julia Delbel
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We saw a few folks soar and plenty of others stumble on AGT last night, and only five acts will be able to advance to the finals. Who will they be? Here’s who we get the feeling America liked (and disliked) this week.

Top 3: Automatically Advancing to The AGT Finals

Kodi Lee

Kodi lee won the show after his audition in AGT. He is not going anywhere, touch him and the fans will come for you and not just AGT fans, fans of humanity, love and compassion.

It really says something when this was probably Kodi’s weakest performance yet and it was still miles above what we saw from a lot of the other contestants. Not much else to add except Kodi remains a top contender for the win!

Benicio Bryant

He better be safe because Benicio Bryant is a soul we need in AGT.

It feels like we add another act to the “contenders to win” list every week, and this time it’s Benicio. His momentum has only grown since his first audition and his original songs have helped us to see him as a legitimate artist rather than just a cover singer.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

He’s safe. Tyler Butler Figueroa aka Simon Cowell’s buzzer is safe

We usually only get one or two solo musicians in the live shows on any given season so they tend to stand out, and Tyler definitely stands out. His performances are getting pretty over-produced but he’s already so popular I’d be surprised not to see him in the finale.

Middle 3: Up For the Saves on AGT Tonight

Light Balance Kids

Howie thinks Light Balance Kids are ready for their own Vegas show but do you agree? We’ll find out on AGT tonight.

As one of a slim number of acts who really delivered the goods last night, it should seem obvious that Light Balance Kids will move on. However, it seems like there’s a little bit of fatigue for this kind of act growing among fans. Thankfully, I don’t think it’ll hurt them too much since they’ll probably make it via one of the saves at worst. (I will say they picked a god week to bring the Marvel stuff back since if they are up for the Dunkin’ Save their fate will be in the hands of the internet and there are few things the internet loves more than Marvel right now.)

Messoudi Brothers

Messoudi Brothers bring a level of sex appeal we never knew we were missing on AGT.

Everyone said I was nuts to predict them for top 5 in the quarter-finals, and even though I was correct about that I’m sure everyone is thinking the same for saying they have a chance to make it here in the semis. However, the Messoudi Brothers were one of the few acts who “stepped it up” and they are clearly pretty popular with a certain voting demographic…..but in all seriousness, with how some of the other acts fared last night I think they do have a shot.

Ndolvu Youth Choir

NDLOVU might go home and it’s sad because they bring so much culture to the show but there are better contestants on AGT.

I had pretty much written this group off after they had to rely on a judges’s choice vote to remain in the competition, but they really showed up on a night not many people did, and that may end up being enough to be up for a save again this round.

Bottom 5: Automatically Eliminated On AGT Tonight

Robert Finley

Robert Finley might be a good singer but is he AGT good?

Robert delivered another solid performance this week. However, it seems the judges (mainly Simon) want him out this round and I think that’s likely to happen since it seems he got lost in the shuffle this episode.

Eric Chien

Eric Chien’s train has come and GONE. Maybe it was the cameras or just him but the disconnect is real and we might have seen the last of him on AGT.

Eric was a front-runner at first but things have gone south for him in the live shows. I think this has a lot to do with Simon’s comments on how he should be presenting himself and his acts (most of which have been totally ridiculous and demonstrative that Simon doesn’t really “get” magic the same way he does music, but I digress). Two off weeks in a row probably spells the end of the road for Eric, but let’s hope they invite him on Season 2 of Champions and let him do his own thing again without the attempted re-branding.

Ansley Burns

AGT Ansley Burns did not wow judges and well, if she leaves, she finally leaves.

Ansley’s gumption and perseverance are qualities to be admired for sure, but she’s made it this far on the potential to deliver great performances rather than by actually delivering them. But I think this will be the week her AGT journey comes to an end for good. Well, at least until she’s brought back on Champions in a few years so we can see how much she’s grown.

Greg Morton

We’ve seen enough of Greg Morton on AGT, he had his run and we are ready to watch him go.

It seems the general consensus on Greg has shifted 180; last round everyone loved him, this time they’re ready for him to go. The problem with Greg’s act is that it hasn’t really evolved over the season, in fact, the most coherent its been was still the very first time we saw him doing all the Star Wars impressions. There’s a lot he could be doing with the voices – a song, a story, etc. – but it’s just a hodgepodge of different ones every time with no real rhyme or reason to it.

Jackie Fabulous

We love you Jackie Fabulous but after last week’s Dunkin Save, you’ve got to go home honey. You are a funny friend but you needed a few more punches to stay.

Has anyone else noticed how little time AGT has been giving to the stand-up comedians compared to other acts? In the “real world” most comedians perform sets up to an hour, and while AGT obviously can’t allow for that, a minute and a half is barely even enough time to get the crown “warmed up”. So Jackie already had that working against her, but on top of that her nerves showed a lot this week. Like Simon said, there’s an issue when the funniest part of the segment was from the video package and not the actual act.

Do you agree with these predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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