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‘AGT’ Live In-Person Audience Brings Excitement, Energy Back to the Show


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If you watched the America’s Got Talent live shows last night, you’ll notice there was one giant difference between this season and last. The live audience has returned this season. The days of seeing fans on a giant screen behind the judges are officially over for this reality competition show.

Season 15 of AGT lacked excitement and enthusiasm because there was only virtual fan presence in the live shows. Although everything was a lot more flashy than usual, it didn’t make up for the fact that it was tough for acts to perform without fans physically in the audience.

Last night was the first night of AGT live shows for Season 16 and the in-person audience did not disappoint. Behind the scenes there were tons of dancing, clapping, and even free tacos.

“An epic night! First @agt audience in almost two years at the @dolbytheatre! Big thank you to this crowd who kept the energy going all night!” said Chuck Dukas Audience Warm-Up Host of America’s Got Talent. “Big thank you to @eatloqui for being part of our audience question of the night and hooking our audience up with some tacos!!”

Karen Cavarozzi founder and president of On-Camera Audiences shared on Instagram video that really sums up how hype the AGT audience was to see their favorite acts in the live shows.

The aspect of the live audience’s absence is something I quickly got used to, but now that it’s back I’m living for it. Look at all of those people! They’re all clapping and standing like the audience we know and love.

They definitely brought the energy that was needed to the Dolby Theatre last night. I cannot wait to see more episodes of the live show because of this crazy amount of energy.

Live Shows With Live Audience Are So Much Better For Some Acts

This year’s competition is so much better for comedian acts like Gina Brillion since there is a live crowd to react to jokes. There was a lack of comedian acts in the live shows last season since so many comedians couldn’t make it past auditions. It’s hard to tell jokes with limited reactions.

We saw how audience reaction drives comedian acts last night when Gina gave yet another great performance on the AGT stage. The audience returned her energy during her jokes which kept her enthusiasm, it even made her performance even better.

I’m sure Gina would have done just as well without an audience since she’s such a well-versed comedian, but the audience definitely helped.

She isn’t the only comedian that performed last night. Kabir Singh also performed in the live shows. The energy of the audience came through for his performance as well. Especially when he started his performance by asking the audience to get loud. He went on to tell a hilarious story about how his mom just learned how to text and the audience loved it.

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