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‘AGT’ Alumni Bello Sisters Snatch Golden Buzzer in ‘Got Talent All-Stars 2023’

The Bello Sisters on 'Got Talent: All Stars'Got Talent: All Stars

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Former America’s Got Talent alums Bello Sisters have once again proven that their talent is world-class amid audition in Got Talent All-Stars. Amazingly, the three siblings earned a Golden Buzzer after their performance.

Bello Sisters To Go Straight to Got Talent España Finale After Golden Buzzer Moment

From the very moment they graced America’s Got Talent stage, the secret’s out that the Italian-German acrobatic trio is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Not one to easily give up, the Bello Sisters went to Spain to shoot their shot in Got Talent All-Stars.

Fortunately, after their flawless performance during Auditions. The three decided to exhibit acrobatic tricks while blindfolded, completely awing the judges and audience during their act. Consequently, they have convinced Leo Harlem to press his Golden Buzzer for them.

“With their BRILLIANT performance, @bellosistersofficial bagged their SECOND #GotTalentAllStars GOLDEN PASS cons,” the caption reads. “And this is what we were told in the BEGINNING. What will they prepare for the GRAND FINALE?”

As the effect of the Golden Buzzer, the three will go straight to the series’ Finale. For those who may not know, it’s not the first time that the acrobatic trio went to Spain to join the international contest. Years back, they were participants of Got Talent España.

They Thank Everyone for their Positive Comments

Upon receiving intense support, the Bello Sisters took the time to express gratitude through Instagram. According to them, they are “infinitely grateful” for the experience that turned out to be their “most thrilling” one.

“We wanted to take a moment to share these behind the scenes clips but also to thank each and everyone that has shared a positive comments towards us and that has supported us,” they wrote. “It’s been one of the most emotional experiences of our lives and we’re eternally grateful.”

The Bello Sisters are not the only acrobatic act to compete in the last round of the show. Aidan Bryant, an aerialist from AGT season 16, will also attempt to get the highest title and the mighty prize.

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