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8 Things About ‘AGT’s Golden Buzzer Father of 6, Michael Ketterer

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Michael Ketterer took to the America’s Got Talent stage in 2018 as a father of six trying to prove that anyone can follow their dreams. This singer went on to become a frontrunner in the competition. Here’s what he’s up to in 2022.

Simon Cowell told this father of six that he gave off a “real” feeling behind the emotions in his voice. This singer couldn’t have been more authentic during his time on the competition. With each performance fans began to love him even more.

1. Garth Brooks Wrote a Song For His AGT Finale Performance

After Ketterer’s semi final performance, Simon Cowell reached out to Garth Brooks and asked him to write a song for the singer. Brooks agreed and talked to Ketterer about the song before writing it. Ketterer impressed in the finale but ended in the competition in fifth place overall. Cowell thanked Brooks for taking the time to write a song for Ketterer’s finale performance during the finale.

Brooks loved Ketterer’s performance of his song so much that he invited him to perform at Notre Dame Stadium after the series. Ketterer originally said yes to the performance, but Brooks reversed his invitation following Ketterer’s arrest.

2. He Was Arrested One Day After the AGT Finale

Reports state that Ketterer was arrested for domestic violence in Los Angeles. His arrest took place one day after he placed fifth in the season overall. Ketterer was booked at the Hollywood substation on a Thursday and held on $50,000 bail. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office website claims that he was released that Friday.

Law enforcement sources shared that Ketterer got in a fight with his wife, Ivey, which is why the police was called. His wife had a red mark on her body at the time of the arrest, but Ketterer claimed that it was all a misunderstanding. Ketterer didn’t face charges for the domestic violence arrest.

3. He Used To Be Apart of A Worship Collective Group

This singer hasn’t released any solo music to streaming since finishing in fifth place. Instead, he was seen performing on Influence Music‘s YouTube Channel. Before AGT Ketterer was one of four members of this group. Now, the group seems to consist of three singers that often collaborate with him. Even though he’s no longer a group member, it’s no surprise that he still collaborates considering he originally joined in 2014.


4. Saturday Night Live Created a Parody of His Performance

In November 2018, SNL did a satire skit based on the audition portion of the competition. Ketterer’s audition character took to the stage in cowboy attire. Ketterer joked and said that SNL used his exact performance of “Ain’t No Mountain” minus the fact that the comedian got all the words right.

5. He Got a Golden Buzzer on AGT

Ketterer took to the America’s Got Talent stage in season 13 as a pediatric nurse and father of six. This singer came to the stage to prove that anyone can chase their dreams. He was visibly nervous on the stage before singing “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees. Even though the nerves he was able to impress the judges with the emotion behind his voice. The judges gave him a standing ovation, then Cowell hit his buzzer for the singer.


6. He is Still a Nurse

According to the Ketterer family website, Michael is still a pediatric mental health nurse in 2022. He currently works at the CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County, California. Michael and his wife, Ivey, are apart of the Jockey Being Family network. Together, they adopted five children through this network.

7. He Met His Wife in a Baskin Robbins

According to the Ketterer Family website, Ivey met Michael when she was 16 years old. She overheard someone her class mention that the Baskin Robbins in town was hiring, so she applied. Once she got the job Michael was her trainer. It seems like they instantly clicked and have been together ever since. They’ve been together for over 23 years.

8. Five of His Children Were Adopted

Ivey Ketterer almost lost her life giving birth to the couples daughter, Sofi. After Ketterer’s complications, doctors told her that she might not survive another pregnancy. According to the family’s website, Sofi began having repetitive dreams about a set of three boys in danger. Sofi urged her parents to save the boys by adopting them. At the time, the couple wasn’t considering adoption, but over time they decided to.

In 2010 they were approved to be Foster Parents in Tennessee with the intention to adopt. They soon adopted Jared, Chase, and Jeriah. These three boys were living in an abandoned trailer with two meth labs. Later, the Ketterer’s received a similar call about their son Rodee. As a baby he was shook and thrown as at a wall by his caregiver. In turn, he became blind, mute, and diagnosed with abuse induced cerebral palsy. Michael focused on Rodee when he first joined the family because his health issues were so severe.

Just when the family thought they were done adopting, Ivey had a dream about another child. Soon after the dream, the couple also adopted Shawn Z Fox into their family.

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