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8 Facts About The ‘AGT’ Violinist Who Stole America’s Heart, Brian King Joseph


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Brian King Joseph is one of the most memorable America’s Got Talent acts to this day. This electronic violinist has persevered through his ever changing condition and has continued to express his love for music no matter the amount of pain it’s in. Here are 10 facts about the electric violinist who has stolen the hearts of fans across the country.

1. Fans Were Sure Brian King Joseph Would Make AGT History

This violinist didn’t make history as the first violinist ever to appear on the series. Instead, he made history as second violinist to make it to the final round on America’s Got Talent. He finished in the top three of his season. The first violinist to finish in the top three was Nuttin’ But Stringz in season three.

Many fans had high hopes for Joseph prior to finishing the season. He was a clear fan favorite, so many thought he would win the overall season. Following his finish on the series, fans hoped that Joseph would skyrocket to fame the same way Lindsey Stirling did. She practically finished AGT and became an instant celebrity. Joseph is still an online sensation to this day.


2. He’s Self Taught

One of the most amazing aspects of this musician is that he’s a self-taught performer. He has been playing the violin since the age of four and it really shows. Joseph did have formal training on violin later in life. In 2012, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and received a full presidential scholarship. On top of being self-taught, this musician also produces all of his own music.

3. He Never Said Anything About His Disease Publicly Until AGT

During his America’s Got Talent audition, he revealed that he suffers from a condition called neuropathy, a sensory nerve disease that causes tingling in the feet and hands and eventually prevents the nerves from working. During one of his appearances on AGT Brian claimed that his doctors told him the disease would have already stopped him from playing the violin. It’s good to see that this violinist can still play violin in 2022.

In a YouTube reaction to his audition, Joseph explained that he had never gone that in depth with anyone about his disease other than his girlfriend of five years. Before the show, he hid his condition for so long because he didn’t want to feel like a burden on others and knows there’s no way it will get better. Joseph felt like he had to drag the story out of his mind since it’s his truth and what he lives every day.


4. He Still Plays in 2022

Joseph is luckily still playing violin to this day. The musician shared on America’s Got Talent that he almost wasn’t able to audition for the show because of his condition, luckily he’s still able to perform in 2022. His social media platforms are filled with videos of him playing violin to this day. This musician has not provided updates about his condition since the show.

5. People Think He’s Faking His Talent

You know what they say, haters are a sign of talent. Even though Joseph has constantly showed off his violin skills on the internet, people still think he’s faking it. In 2022, Joseph reminded his fans that he never fakes his performances.

6. Brian King Joseph Returned to The AGT Stage for AGT: The Champions

This musician was a fan favorite icon on his original season of America’s Got Talent, so it’s no surprise he came back for AGT: The Champions. Even though his time on the series was short, he stunned the audience with his original song “Spark.” Fans had only seen cover songs out of this musician prior, so it was great to see him excel with his own sound. Since then he’s released more original music to streaming.


7. He Posts Cover Videos on YouTube

Joseph premiered violin adaptations of popular music on AGT and continues to publish videos similar in 2022. Before ever taking to the AGT stage, he was praised for his music by Machine Gun Kelly, Fetty Wap, and Mike Posner. He was given great opportunities following the praises. His music has also been recognized by Snoop Dogg and Keke Palmer.

8. He Did A Lot Before AGT

Every contestant has to begin their journey somewhere. Joseph originally was apart of the Reggae band Lucky Dub. Lucky Dub toured the country and even played for the Mayor of Washing D.C. and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

Once Joseph’s violin playing began gaining traction, he joined other touring acts. These acts included Machine Gun Kelly and George Clinton and P Funkadelics. Prior to his time on NBC he particpated in a couple of ventures with MTV. He appeared on the series, The Real World and won the networks “Cover of The Month” music contest.

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