Exclusive Video: ‘The Four’ Premieres The FIRST Female Rap Battle On Primetime TV Ever!

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One of the things that makes The Four: Battle for Stardom different is the fact that they have hip hop artists on the show. I guess it’s not a surprise seeing as that one of the judges is rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. We’ve seen the rappers on The Four go against singers and against each other before. However, this week we are in for a real treat. In this Talent Recap exclusive video, the first all female rap battle in primetime TV history will happen between Lil Bri and Sharaya J. 

The Challenger: Lil Bri

Lil Bri will appear on the show as a challenger this Thursday. She is a 17 year old rapper from my hometown of Houston, TX. There is a huge hip hop scene there that dates back to the 80’s. I can tell you from experience that if Lil Bri came up in the rap battle world of Houston, she’s no joke. Lil Bri is a fan of the old school female rappers from back in the day like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah. These women were trailblazers that carved out a niche for other females in a male dominated genre. She will perform 50 Cent’s Hate It or Love It but with her own lyrics. As far as we can tell this is the first primetime rap battle between two women ever. This is historic, y’all.

The Defender: Sharaya J

But Sharaya J is no punk. She is an incredibly talented rapper and, as she showed last week, she isn’t going down without a fight. Sources from inside The Four are telling us that she hasn’t been feeling well all week. Is it possible that it is due to her cancer treatment. Will it be enough to make her vulnerable to Lil Bri’s attacks? I’m not sure. In the video above she looks really strong but Lil Bri is no joke either. We’ll see who comes out on top.

The full battle is scheduled to air in this week’s episode of ‘The Four’: Battle For Stardom (FOX, 8:00 PM ET).


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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