Who Is The Seahorse? ‘The Masked Singer’ UK Predictions + Clues Decoded!

Seahorse on The Masked Singer UK Season 2

The second season of The Masked Singer UK, continues with a new group of melodic masqueraders in week 2. Amongst the six more mysteries needing our sleuthing, was the Seahorse. We didn’t find a lot to work within their clues, but here’s what we got. Check it out below as we decode the clues.

The Seahorse on TMS:UK Season 2 Photo: ITV

Clues on The Masked Singer UK Season 2

The Seahorse’s clues were scarce and scattered, however, Seahorse’s strut was noted as showing an air of confidence as they made their way on stage. Perhaps a useful clue in narrowing down the field. Within the clue package, we find Seahorse as a TV host on The Seahorse Show. The show’s topic is “who is Seahorse?” which they add “it’s the question on everyone’s lips.” Not much else stands out in their monologue, but the judges were able to identify a Northern accent. As a final clue, Seahorse shared they once stole toilet paper from a “total legend’s” house.

Who’s Behind the Mask and Clues Decoded

Seahorse left us with little to work with. It would have left us with more questions than answers if we just went on their clue package. Fortunate for our guessing minds, the Seahorse was unmasked in week 2 and was revealed to be Mel B. Here are how the clues could lead you to that guess.

Mel B revealed as Seahorse on TMS:UK/ Photo: ITV

The more apparent clue in the package was finding Seahorse hosting a talk-show-like program. This was done as a nod to Mel B’s popularity as a TV personality. One of the shows she previously hosted was Lip Sync Battle UK. This can connect to the “question on everyone’s lips” comment made. Seahorse’s accent might have been the ringer though, as Mel B is from Leeds in Northern England. Mel B also later shared with host Joel Dommett the story of her stealing toilet paper from Nelson Mandela to help her crew out.

Only new panel member, Mo Williams, was able to sniff out this former Spice Girl correctly. Were you able to draw the same conclusion from the clues? Find out who’s behind the mask next as the season continues. You can tune in to The Masked Singer UK on Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.


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