Top 10 Unexpected Auditions of Sports Players on Talent Shows

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The most talented people don’t always come from stages and studios. Sometimes, they can be found in athletic courts and locker rooms, warming up and wearing their jerseys.

We made a list of the most unexpected auditions of sports players on international competition shows. Let’s take a look at the athletes who impressed the judges and audiences during their performances.

1. Helena Polach, Turkey’s Got Talent

Playing football as a kid, Helena Polach eventually learned to juggle soccer balls at a very young age. Her act in Turkey’s Got Talent consisted of shuffling balls and kicking them with their feet. She further stunned the crowd when she juggled five balls all at once.

2. Jon Dorenbos, America’s Got Talent

Jon Dorenbos is a former National Football League long snapper. His performance in America’s Got Talent was far from his sport as he introduced himself as a magician. During Judge Cuts, he was able to create an illusion of a playing card being released from an illustration of a deck on paper.

3. Marvin Jones Jr., American Idol

Marvin Jones Jr. didn’t come to American Idol to show off his football wide-receiving skills. This athlete performed in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan to sing “Neither One Of Us” by Gladys Knight. Although Jones’ singing talent would appear as a surprise to his teammates, he’s been doing it since he’s still young.

4. Thomas Day, America’s Got Talent

At the time that Thomas Day joined in America’s Got Talent, he was one of the top football prospects in the country. While he enjoyed this sport alongside hockey and baseball, his heart also desired music. He sang “Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS during his audition.

5. Dan Marshall Griffith, American Idol

Dan Marshall Griffith grew up excelling in football, playing for Virginia Tech football team as linebacker during college. He started to share his passion in music on the internet where an American Idol scout noticed his talent. He tried his luck in the series by singing “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.

6. Jeremy Lynch, Britain’s Got Talent

Jeremy Lynch is an athlete who played for the Arsenal Football Club before Britain’s Got Talent. His act during audition consisted of football freestyle. Having “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé as background music, he balanced a football on his head, circled it around his neck, and flawlessly did some kick-ups.

7. Aquabatique, Britain’s Got Talent

Aquabatique is a swimming display team composed of international synchronized swimmers aged between 21 and 28. During their audition in Britain’s Got Talent, they moved to a number of songs including “Chariots of Fire” by L’Orchestra Electronique, “Gold” by Spandau Ballet, and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” by Daft Punk. Impressively, they were mostly underwater during the performance.

8. Face Team, Britain’s Got Talent

Face Team is a Hungarian basketball stunt team who joined series six of Britain’s Got Talent. During their audition, they threw basketball into a net while they were doing acrobatic movements.

9. Jamie Knight, Ireland’s Got Talent

Jamie Knight is a professional footballer freestyle and a two-time Guinness World Record holder. In 2017, he was approached by Ireland’s Got Talent to audition for the series. His performance at the time was undeniably show-stopping.

10. Players Choir, America’s Got Talent

Players Choir is a group act consisting of Christian National Football League players who aim to express their faith through music. Singing “Lean On Me” by Bill Waters during their audition on America’s Got Talent, they touched and inspired the whole crowd with their outstanding vocals.

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