‘The X Factor UK’ Hopeful Anthony Russell Fight Caught On Video

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

One of the more memorable performers on last Saturday’s The X Factor UK premiere was Anthony Russell. The pint-sized Liverpool native has an amazing voice and a quirky style that impressed the judges. The other thing they couldn’t help but notice was that Anthony was sporting a black eye. He explained that he had been jumped earlier in the week.

The video below was uploaded to Facebook purports to be the moment that Anthony was attacked. He is seen singing for the camera on the street. Suddenly, some mysterious figure lurks up behind him and punches him hard in the face, (viewer discretion advised).

The area that Anthony Russell is from is pretty rough. We in America tend to think that everyone in Great Britain is polite and drinking tea with their pinkies up while wearing the Crown Jewels. But that is not so at all. There is a lot of working-class poverty, especially in the industrial areas in the North, where Anthony is from. Unemployment is high, crime rates are out of control, and violence is a fact of life. Even though Anthony had to sport a black eye to his X Factor audition, he seemed to take the whole thing in stride. Probably because he’s used to this kind of thing happening. Sad. Either way, his singing talent is undeniable and we wish him well.



Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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