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‘The Voice’ Season 15, Blind Auditions Part 4 Recap


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The Voice is back with Blake, Adam, Kelly, and JHud ready to turn their chairs for potential superstars! And after three big nights of Blind Auditions already, the teams this season are starting to take shape. All teams are halfway full with six artists except Team Adam, with only five so far.

Let’s recap the episode and see who was next up to audition!


Reagan Strange

The night started out with Reagan Strange, a 13 year old from Memphis, Tennessee. She sang “Meant to Be” by Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha. I thought her performance was okay but pretty generic and she sounded young. (I know she IS young but you know what I mean.) However, Reagan turned both Adam and Blake’s chairs. Time for some good old Shevine rivalry! Adam used his usual “I turned first” tactic then compared her to Danielle Bradbery. I didn’t understand the comparison (and she’s not even country) but okay. Blake turned later in the song “savoring the moment” as Adam would say but had praise for Reagan too. He even pulled out his usual pointing at himself routine! This was really typical Shevine drama. Unsurprisingly, she joined Team Adam!



Next up was Fousheé. She sang an interesting rendition of “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. It was definitely different from what MaKenzie Thomas did with the song in her Blind Audition last season! After some crazy high notes, she turned Adam and Jennifer’s chairs. Her whistle register is were really what made her stand out! The rest of the song was pretty ehh for me but the talent is there. Adam started by calling him her coach already. Bold move, Levine! Then all the coaches mentioned how they didn’t know what to expect when they turned around. She has a unique tone that gives her a lot of potential. Though JHud said Fousheé would break her heart if she didn’t pick her, she went with Adam, giving him 2/2 so far for the night.


Wyatt Rivers

Can Adam make it 3/3? Wyatt Rivers came up to stage next. He looked like typical Team Adam material to be honest. Wyatt is a 22 year old from Durham, North Carolina. He came to The Voice to pursue music after getting into medical school. Wyatt is hoping to follow his dream of being a singer full-time. He sang “River” by Leon Bridges but his lackluster, slightly boring performance failed to turn any chairs. This is the typical case of song choice being an artist’s downfall. He’s good but not “I have to turn my chair” good. Kelly mentioned his good looks and that was the focus of a lot of her critique. Oof, that’s never a good sign. It wasn’t all bad news though, he will be back on “The Comeback Stage” as part of Team Kelsea!


Chris Kroeze

To kick off the second half of the episode, we have Chris Kroeze. Chris is a 27 year old who takes trips to the Middle East to play for the troops. What a stand-up guy! In his audition he rocked out, playing guitar and singing Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy.” He had some epic guitar riffs and a rough tone to his voice. Both JHud and Blake turned their chairs for Chris. JHud said she almost threw a shoe and said she wasn’t afraid of Blake. But Blake came in hot saying Chris could make it into the Finale! Well I guess that was enough to convince him because he ended up going with Team Blake.


MaKenzie Thomas

Speaking of her “Redbone” cover last season, after not turning a chair then, MaKenzie Thomas is back for a second chance. This time, she sang “Big White Room” by Jessie J. Let’s be honest here, Jessie J is a hard artist to cover. She has such a unique, rich tone and an insane range. MaKenzie did pretty well with the song though! Her runs were smooth and she showed off a lot more than she did in her Blind Audition last year. By the end, she was able to turn Jennifer Hudson’s chair and defaulted to her team. I was honestly surprised more coaches didn’t turn! During the coaches’ feedback, JHud had her sing a bit of a song from MaKenzie’s favorite artist, gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson. It was even better than her audition! I think JHud is a great fit for her coach.



Finally, the night closed with SandyRedd. Let me just point out, she’s only the THIRD four chair turn all season. We haven’t seen numbers that low in years! The coaches are definitely raising their standards for their teams. But Sandy came out onto the stage and blew everyone’s expectations out of the water. She is a dynamic performer and has a great range and grit to her voice.

As you can tell by all the shoes on the stage, JHud led the charge on laying on the praise. Meanwhile, Kelly stood behind absolutely speechless (for the first time ever, I think) and Adam assumed he had no chance. But Sandy assured Adam that there was a chance she could pick him because her kids love him! Blake starts, saying he knows it’s a long shot but he had to turn. Then, Kelly tries to put into words how talented she thinks Sandy is. She ends by saying she doesn’t care which team she joins, but Adam is quick to say he cares. It should be Team Adam! JHud relates to her on a personal moment, saying she’s been through this and can take Sandy through it as well. And she ended up on…Team Kelly! We’re speechless.

Well that’s it for week 2 of The Voice‘s Season 15 Blind Auditions! Here’s where the teams stand.

Team Adam: Tyke James, RADHA, DeAndre Nico, Steve Memmolo, Anthony Arya, Reagan Strange, Fousheé

Team Kelly: Sarah Grace, Mikele Buck, Claire DeJean, Chevel Shepherd, Delaney Silvernell, Kimberli Joye, SandyRedd

Team JHud: Tyshawn Colquitt, Patrique Fortson, Kennedy Holmes, Franc West, Audri Bartholomew, Natasia Greycloud, MaKenzie Thomas

Team Blake: Mercedes Ferreira-Dias, Kameron Marlowe, Keith Paluso, Michael Lee, Dave Fenley, Rachel Messer, Chris Kroeze

Team Kelsea: Ayanna Joni, Ele Ivory, Lynnea Moorer, Wyatt Rivers

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