Got Talent

Sneak Peek: Simon Cowell’s Dreams Come True With A Singing Dog Tonight On ‘AGT’

Simon Cowell is known as a pretty grumpy dude. But there are two things that melt Simon’s cold, cold heart: dogs and kids. One thing that Simon has said repeatedly is that he’s been on the Got Talents for years waiting for a dog that can sing. Tonight, on America’s Got Talent, he’ll get his wish.

The dog’s name is Oscar and he is a beautiful three year old Golden retriever. His owner Pam says that about a year ago Oscar started howling along with her when she plays the piano. According to her he stays on key and everything. The panel is dubious but Simon is excited and says,

“I’ve done this show a long time, and I’ve always said if we could find a dog that could sing, that would be everything to me.”

Pam starts playing wedding favorite Pachabel’s Canon and Oscar not only starts howling along, as Tyra says, he IS on key. I really want to see how this act ends when the song picks up the pace. Oscar is totally getting through.