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RECAP: ‘The Masked Singer’ Soars to New Heights with Four New Celebs!


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The final four celebrities were introduced on The Masked Singer tonight. And they brought it with exciting performances and perplexing clues! Plus, one SURPRISING celebrity was revealed.

Here’s what went down on the third episode of The Masked Singer season 2.

The Flower sings “9 to 5” on The Masked Singer

Who is The Flower?

Clues: The Flower says she “blossoms in every field” she plants herself in. The clues show her working in a kitchen. She says she’s done just about everything, from cooking to clothing to Kraft. Her whole life, she’s done everything to the nines, talking about how she even wears makeup and heels to the store. The Flower claims she “sowed the seeds of this empire with [her] bare hands.” She’s ready to have fun and be free though. The Flower mentions both “Vision of Love” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” and calls herself a “legend.” What makes her the Flower is that she’s “beautiful” and “smells so good.”

Performance: For her first performance, the Flower sang “9 to 5.” And she CRUSHED IT. Especially once it got into the chorus, her range was into the atmosphere! She is definitely a singer and from the sounds of it, one who has been around the biz for a while.

Guesses: Jenny McCarthy guessed Taraji P Henson was the Flower. Nicole threw out Mariah Carey, which Nick Cannon joked about. Then, she guessed Patti Labelle. Robin predicted Jennifer Hudson or Jessie J. Ken thought it was Bjork.

The Eagle sings “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” on The Masked Singer

Who is The Eagle?

Clues: The Eagle starts by wheeling a TV out into a classroom. He says he’s the face of his field. “After a serious health scare and the loss of a parent,” he decided to try to live his dream and become a rockstar. A radio is also shown toggling between 106 and 108. After spending “so much time listening to other people’s stories,” he’s ready to share his own. He says it’s “time to leave the safety of his nest behind” and jumps on a motorcycle. The Eagle says he can see things “miles away.”

Performance: Going up against the Flower, the Eagle sang “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Not to compare the two, but this one wasn’t quite up to par. The Eagle showed off an operatic tone throughout the song.

Guesses: After some back and forth about the Eagle’s singing style, Nicole guessed it’s Bret Michaels. Robin guesses Pauly Short, saying he recently lost his mother. Jenny is getting radio vibes though, thinking it’s Howard Stern or Adam Corolla. Finally, Ken predicts it’s Craig Ferguson, but the other judges mock his guess.

The Penguin sings “The Middle” on The Masked Singer

Who is The Penguin?

Clues: The Penguin says it’s “in her DNA” to strive for her voice to be heard. Her whole life, she’s been told she’s not pretty enough, not smart enough, and not funny enough. The clues show her on TV talking about her career being over. A photo of Queen Rania of Jordan is shown in the background. The Penguin has a “hit list” with “classroom bully, comedy club owner, Hollywood casting director, exes, the press, and myself” on it. She says, “I don’t need a permission slip from anyone to be who I am.” A bunch of protest signs are shown saying “I’M NOT YOUR SECRETARY” and “GIVEMTHEBIRD.” The Penguin closes by saying she’s “leading the march.”

Performance: Singing “The Middle,” the Penguin brought the stage presence, but not the vocals. She struggled on the high notes but had a blast, dancing throughout. And can we talk about those backup dancers in gold scarves? They stole the show tonight, if we’re being honest.

Guesses: Robin guessed Melissa McCarthy. Nicole guessed Meghan Mullaly, who was a secretary on Will and Grace. Jenny guessed Kathie Griffin, which Nicole compliments her on, then Sherri Shepherd. But Robin said the voice doesn’t sound like Sherri.

The Fox sings “This Love” on The Masked Singer

Who is The Fox?

Clues: The Fox’s clue package looked like a comic book throughout. It starts with him telling a “bedtime story” to his kid. A panda stuffed animal is also seen in the shot. He says he does his “best work at night” and “dabbles in many different genres.” The Fox specifically mentions Doogie and Doubtfire as people he’s worked with. He’s “lived two different lives,” his on-air superhero persona and the real him. The Fox is seen watching a rocket on TV. What makes him the Fox is that he’s “quick, refuses to be caged in, and crafty.”

Performance: The Fox sang “This Love” by Maroon 5 and showed off some impressive vocals, to say the least. He has a lot of talent, which was clear from the first note. His voice sounded soulful and his presence made it seem like this wasn’t his first time commanding the stage.

Guesses: The judges complimented the Fox’s performance, saying he’s either won Tonys or sold platinum records. Jenny guesses Wesley Snipes or Leslie Odom Jr. Nicole guessed Anthony Mackie from Marvel and Hamilton. Then, it goes over to Ken who looks “perplexed.” He guesses Tyrese Gibson and, after a final hint, Jamie Foxx.

SMACKDOWN: Eagle vs. Penguin

After the initial matchups, the Flower and Fox won, leaving the Eagle and Penguin to compete to keep their identities hidden. The Eagle sang “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” first. His tone is a lot richer in this performance, but it’s still not the best. The Penguin retaliated with an over-the-top cover of “Worth It”. She gets right up in the Eagle’s face with it too! Nick Cannon even has to get between them to break it up.

The Eagle is revealed on The Masked Singer

The Third Celebrity is Revealed!

After all the performances, the Eagle lost the Smackdown, meaning he would be revealed. And after the judge’s final guesses, he took the mask off. Underneath, it was…Dr. Drew Pinsky, celebrity doctor and radio show host!

I will say this reveal was a bit underwhelming compared to the past two weeks. But I’m very excited for everything ahead this season, now that we’ve seen all 16 costumes. Tune in to The Masked Singer again next week when more celebrities return and sing to keep their masks on!

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