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Katharine McPhee Responds to Criticism Over Post-Baby Body Photo

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The Masked Singer Season 6 stars Katharine McPhee and David Foster are receiving some flak from Instagram users over a two-word caption Foster wrote on a photo of McPhee in a bikini. McPhee has responded to the criticism in an unapologetic new post.

David Foster Comments on Katharine McPhee’s Post-Baby Body

In February, Katharine McPhee gave birth to her first child with husband David Foster, a son named Rennie. This week, Foster posted a photo of McPhee sitting on the ground in a black bikini. He captioned the image, “what baby!” This seemed to be a comment on McPhee’s body since giving birth.

While some users complimented McPhee’s appearance, others took issue with Foster praising his wife for how she looks after having a baby. Critics felt that Foster was playing into the pressure women often feel to lose weight and get back to their pre-baby bodies after being pregnant.

“Yep let’s make other women feel like crap cuz their baby body doesn’t look like that,” wrote one commenter. Another asked Foster, “So if she still had baby weight and stretch marks would you still ‘praise’ her?”

Others thought it was especially insensitive for Foster to comment on his wife’s body considering she’s struggled with bulimia. In fact, McPhee herself said the “biggest challenge” of her pregnancy was navigating her body image issues and relationship with food.


McPhee Responds to Criticism on Instagram

On Wednesday, McPhee posted another bathing suit photo to her own Instagram account. She called the conversation surrounding Foster’s post “so dumb,” adding, “I’m sorry but we are not sorry.”

“I’ve struggled with weight my whole 20s and 30. I’ve gone up and down 10 times over. Does that make you feel better?” the singer wrote. “I lost this baby weight without dieting. Zero. Diets are the worst and I’ve had zero pressure from anyone. I’ve let [my] body do its thing and found a great workout. That’s it.”

McPhee acknowledged that she would “probably gain weight again at some point too.” She wrote that “people freaking out about what my husband captioned seriously get a life.” The singer said people should have reacted with the sentiment that it’s “nice he thinks his wife is hot.”

“I cannot with this overly sensitive society right now,” McPhee wrote to close her post, which has received over 72,000 likes. “But as Taylor Swift said haters gonna hate.”

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