Heidi Klum Says Boyfriend Tom Kaulitz is Germany’s Sex Symbol, Not ‘AGT’s Hans

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First, let’s start by taking a moment of silence for Hans. He will definitely be missed in the Semifinals! He brought so much energy, fun, and charisma to the show. There’s truly no other act like his! And we’ll also miss his banter with America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum. In our red carpet interview with Heidi this week, she claimed that he’s not German OR a sex symbol!

Watch the clip (and read Hans’ response) here:

Shots fired from Heidi Klum! She even says that “Tom,” her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz, is German’s sex symbol, not Hans. To preface her comments, this is coming at a time where the couple has been in the news a lot for their public displays of affection. Tom is the guitarist of Tokio Hotel and was born in Leipzig, Germany. The 28-year-old German rockstar could be considered a legitimate sex symbol to some. But even though he may be an actual German sex symbol, that still has to hurt for Hans! Why’d she have to come at him like that? And Hans was not having Heidi’s shade either. (Even though he admits part of him still loves her.)

In talking about Heidi calling him out for not being German, Hans said:

“I’ve got to feel sorry for her. She’s threatened, you know? She’s now the second hottest German on this television program. The poor thing. Maybe she is the fake German! I’ve looked up Heidi Klum in the phone book in Berlin…she’s not even there. How do you explain it?”

But Heidi’s accusation might actually be true! We did some digging and as it turns out, Hans is from…Australia! You read that right, the “Boy Wonder from Berlin” is actually Australian. So Heidi saying that Hans isn’t German and doesn’t speak German may very well be true! But Hans has played it off well, laughing at the situation and seemingly pretending to understand what Heidi says in German.

So Heidi might be right in saying that Hans isn’t German, but is he a sex symbol? Well, that’s for you to decide.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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