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Gina Stahl-Haven Is Bringing Relatable Stand-Up Comedy to ‘AGT’

Gina Stahl-Haven auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Stand-up comedian Gina Stahl-Haven is auditioning for America’s Got Talent Season 17 this week. Gina is from the San Francisco Bay Area and works as a professor, in addition to being a mother of three. In her act, the comedian shares relatable stories about her life.

Comedian Gina Stahl-Haven Is Also a Professor

Gina is an adjunct professor of rhetoric and language at the University of San Francisco. According to her website, she’s also been performing in the world of comedy and improv for over 15 years. She got her start in theater at age 11 and joined an improv group in college.

In 2019, Gina placed second in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. In the compeition she became the second woman in 34 years to place that high, after Ellen DeGeneres. She said in an interview that she was “terrified” to do stand-up until more recently.

“As someone who’s in communication, I know that it’s one of the only forms of communication where there is one right response­ — out-loud laughter,” Gina explained. “If no one laughs, you’re failing right there in live action.”

However, her academic research has also helped her comedy writing, as she added, “If a comedian is bringing up things of social relevance, suddenly there’s a whole new audience getting that message.”



Gina Jokes About Marriage and Motherhood

Videos of Gina’s stand-up on her YouTube channel include bits about her and her thin husband’s “cultural differences,” as well as her husband being a “rescue.” She also posts funny videos on Instagram and TikTok.

Gina’s Instagram videos usually involve her lip-syncing to audio that applies to situations in her life, such as cooking for her family or staying home with her three kids during the summer. On TikTok, she’s shared her thoughts about everything from Mother’s Day to Costco trips.

Gina also works as a doula, has a passion for woodworking, and sells homemade food through a business called Roadside Stand. As she said in an interview, “I think the reason I do so many things is because there are just a lot of things I’m passionate about, and they feed different parts of me.”

Will the judges get a kick out of Gina’s act? Find out when her audition airs on AGT this Tuesday night on NBC.

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