Dear Terry Crews, Either Defend AGT or Resign — Don’t be a Hypocrite!

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AGT Judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough were let go from the series after one season of judging. Then, reports of racism surfaced, resulting in various reactions across the web. However, host Terry Crews, the only African-American member of the show’s cast, has yet to weigh in on the controversy, that said, he is sending support to Gabrielle. That can only mean he supporting AGT even after knowing they are racist?
Terry Crew’s Golden Buzzer, Detroit Youth Choir.

Terry Crews Has Three Options

Crews is in a very similar boat to both Union and Hough, as last season was his first as well. However, Terry was the only new cast member retained on board. And after this recent controversy, his only comment on the situation was this tweet he sent yesterday.

As a Black Man in Power, Terry Crews Must Speak Up

Responses to that tweet have been largely negative, although most of the negativity has been directed to NBC. And we’re inclined to agree. As reports of the backstage bigotry increase, including referring to Union’s hairstyles as “too black”, we can’t help but ask Crew’s opinion on all of this.

In our minds, Terry can do three things. One, he can ignore the problem, which helps no one. As a black man in power he must stand up for Gabrielle and his community Two, he can support NBC. Or, three, he can resign from the show.

Crews has a Responsibility To Protect either NBC or Gabrielle

Realistically, Terry is under contract with NBC, so we don’t think he’ll be able to resign. However, speaking out in support of Union at the very least would help us be able to distinguish the backstage rumors from the backstage truth.

While Crews may be fearful to speak out due to his other projects with the network, namely Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Julianne Hough has given her position, and she has further commitments to the network as well.

Terry Cruise Has Spoke Out Before against injustice

So Terry, as hard as it may be, give us your position. We are absolutely DYING to know. Since you have already publicly called out Adam Venit for assaulting you, your contribution to the Me Too movement changed the game. And we trust you because even though you thought your career might end, you did the right thing. We need your voice NOW.

Terry will be returning to host AGT: Champions in January. Tune into to NBC on January 6th, 2020 to see some of the best Got Talent acts from around the globe compete!


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