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Blake Shelton Speaks Out About ‘The Voice’ Rejecting Luke Combs

Blake Shelton on 'The Voice' season 22Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

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Blake Shelton speaks out about Luke Combs being rejected from The Voice and admits it is embarrassing that the show found him boring. The team responsible for rejecting Combs must feel regret after turning down one of the biggest stars in the industry today.

Blake Shelton Responds to The Voice Rejecting Luke Combs

Since country singer Blake Shelton is the longest running coach on The Voice, so it’s only right for him to respond to Luke Combs’s previous rejection from the series. Shelton acknowledges that The Voice made the wrong decision on Combs.

As someone who recognizes Combs as a great singer, Shelton admits his embarrassment that the show couldn’t do the same. The coach goes on to say that Combs was the one who told him that story, and he couldn’t believe it. To clarify, Combs did not earn the opportunity to audition for the coaches, so Shelton could not speak on his individual audition.

“He told me that story… there’s no way around it, it’s embarrassing. Let’s just face it.” Shelton said about the show turning down Combs’ audition.

Seeing the country singer’s success today make you wonder what The Voice producers were thinking when they rejected him. As it turns out though, the show turning him down ultimately helped propel his career to new heights.


Combs Kept the Rejection Letter He Received

Combs is now considered a mega-star in country-style music, having been nominated for a Grammy Award. Before Combs achieved worldwide fame, he once auditioned on the NBC singing competition The Voice.

He revealed that he was on spring break a few years ago when The Voice was having auditions in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially making it through the first round with the producers, Combs was hopeful he will get a shot at making it to the show.

After waiting for a few months, he got a letter from the show stating that he is a great singer. Unfortunately, the show’s producers deemed that he wasn’t interesting enough for the show’s ratings. The letdown sparked new motivation for Combs as he has something to prove to the people that rejected him.

Combs revealed that he kept the letter in his dorm room in college and he hung it on the wall to push him on. In present day, Combs is a six-time CMA Award winner and reigning Entertainer of the Year. The country artist also has a multitude of other accolades.

His latest album Growin’ Up, debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart this past June. As it turns out, Combs didn’t need The Voice to become one of the most popular artists in country music.

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