‘AGT’ Pitch Perfect Deaf Singer Mandy Harvey to Perform on ‘AGT All-Stars’

Mandy Harvey on 'AGT All-Stars'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Mandy Harvey took America’s Got Talent by storm when she showed off her musical talents despite her hearing loss. Back in season 12, she reached the Finale of the show and ended up in fourth place. As she joins AGT All-Stars this year, she’s ready to kick off a new journey to the stars.

Mandy Harvey Became Deaf at 18

Mandy Harvey was studying to become a music teacher at Colorado State University when she suddenly lost her hearing because of a connective tissue disorder. As a consequence, she had to quit the program, then falling into a state of depression.

“For a while, I wasn’t focused on anything but trying to live in a world that was different,” she said. “It was more devastating after that really settled, so I stopped doing music for a year, year and a half. I didn’t even think about it.”

Thinking that her hearing disability will prohibit her from attaining her singing dreams, Mandy tried to pursue other career options. However, her destiny in music refused to be shut down. She tapped her vocal abilities again in 2008 by using visual tuners and feeling floor vibrations. Interestingly, she’s already released three albums ahead of her participation on AGT.

Simon Cowell Pressed His Golden Buzzer for Her

Mandy joined AGT in 2017, singing her original song “Try” while playing the ukulele during her audition. She received a standing ovation from both the judges and the audiences, some who were wiping their tears after her performance. However, judge Simon Cowell wasn’t contented with just a standing ovation and hit his only Golden Buzzer at the time.

With her perfect pitch and brave spirit, the singer kept on advancing to the next rounds, reaching the Finale of the competition. She sang “(You’re) Still The One” with Shania Twain and placed fourth in the end.

Mandy Harvey is Back for AGT All-Stars

Years after her involvement in AGT season 12, a lot has changed in Mandy’s life. She’s been treating fans with free concerts online and has created more music since then. She’s also performed in True Colors Festival last year alongside pop superstar Katy Perry.

Amazingly today, she already shares one baby boy with her husband. But be that as it may, she continues to take risks so she could grow her music career. This year, she joins AGT All-Stars with the rest of the 60 talented acts competing on the show.

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