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Things We Learned From Darci Lynne Farmer’s Facebook Q&A

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We’ve made no secret here at Talent Recap that we love us some Darci Lynne Farmer. Not only is she an AMAZING performer, she also seems like a really decent kid. Do you know how rare that is? Having worked with many child performers, (and having been one myself), I can tell you that many of them are holy terrors. But Darci Lynne is just a sweet girl from Oklahoma with an amazing gift for singing and puppetry. Here’s some stuff we learned from her Facebook Q&A.

When did you start doing ventriloquism?

“I’ve been doing ventriloquism almost three years. I started when I was ten and now I’m almost thirteen.”

When I was ten I could barely tie my own shoes and Darci Lynne was learning to talk with her mouth closed! Kids today.

How many hours a day do you practice with your puppets?

“One or two, it depends on the fact that I hate practicing. I hate it! But it’s important and you need to do it.”

If she can get this good on only a couple of hours a day, imagine how good she’d be if she did it full time.

Would you ever like to work with other acts like Jeff Dunham?

“Oooh, yes. I would love to work with Jeff Dunham. That would be awesome!”

Jeff Dunham is great and all but I really think she should 1) Keep performing live until college 2) Go to the University of Connecticut’s Masters in Puppetry program and 3) Go work for the Hensons. Those are my two cents about your future, Darci Lynne.

How are you feeling when you are on stage? What goes through your mind?

“The first quarterfinal I was like behind stage and hadn’t gone on yet and I was literally about to puke. I’m not even kidding, I get so nervous! My word to describe my nervousness is I’m superdupercalifragilisticexpialidocious nervous. That pretty much explains how nervous I get. But then when I get on the stage and people start cheering, then I’m like ‘I can do this and am in the mode!'”.

The difference between you and me, Darci, is that I totally WOULD have puked. Probably on Simon.

What will you do if you win AGT?

“My first intention is to donate some money to my mission program at church because that’s super important to me and my church family has been great and I would love to give back. Second, I have to get my mom a dishwasher. I’m not even kidding.”

What a sweet kid! At 13 I wouldn’t have thought about my church or my mom’s dishwasher. I would have spent all that money on video games and Sour Patch Kids.


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