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So we’ve all heard the saying, once a reality star…always a reality star. That’s exactly the case for TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé star, Evelyn Cormier. Evelyn is making waves in the competition show world, securing a spot with American Idol’s Top 20. Evelyn Cormier American Idol

From one reality television show to the next, Evelyn is on her way to the American Idol stage.  We’ve seen so many reality show stars bounce from one network to the other, and Evelyn Cormier is no different. Talk about a crossover artist!

90 Day Fiancé

Evelyn Cormier American Idol

The now 20-year-old singer has proven she has the guts and gusto to get through ANYTHING. TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, followed Evelyn and a series of other wedded hopefuls, on their international journey of love.

Throughout Evelyn’s season, we see her and her now husband David Vazquez Zermeno struggle through pre-wedding woes at just 18 years of age. It’s actually ironic because music was the very thing that brought David and Evelyn together.

Here’s how it all went down. David, who’s a Granada, Spain native reached out to Evelyn after seeing a fan page for Evelyn’s band. Basically David decided to shoot his shot and slid into Evelyn’s DMs. Gushing about her Spanish beau Evelyn said, “a guy sent me a message and just kinda said, ‘Hey you’re really cute and your music’s really nice. My name is David.”

Evelyn admits that, “there was just something different about it, and I answered him back”. Then BAM the New Hampshire native is to be wed in 90 days. This meant David had to pack up all of his things and head to the states on a mission of love. At first, David was hesitant about settling down in the cold state of NH.

Family Ties

Evelyn’s parents obviously had their own set of concerns. Can you imagine having your barely legal daughter tell you she’s marrying a man you’ve never met…let alone from a completely different country?!

Side note: Can we talk about how HOT Evelyn’s dad slash bandmate is? Yes that felt just as weird for me to type out as it was for you to read it. But hey, you have to give credit where credit is due…am I right? Her dad was a snack, and will always be a snack. Might as well as call him an entire meal!

It’s obvious to us that good genes just run in the family. I mean look at Evelyn’s brother  Solomon. 

David and Evelyns love has prevailed and the couple appears to be happier than ever. Strong christian values have held this couple together, and have also built a foundation for this songstress to build on.


Even in her 90 Day Fiance intro Evelyn expressed, “I’m a singer-songwriter. I actually sing in a band with my family.” Evelyn’s family ties run deep in the music world. The 20-year-old has had music running through her veins since she was 10 years old, and is now able to make a living singing to adoring crowds.

Evelyn Cormier American Idol

Evelyn’s EP Ghost hit the scene in 2017 and fans just couldn’t get enough. The proof is in the pudding that hard work actually pays off because Evelyn secured herself a spot with American Idol’s top 20 competitors. The crew is made up of 9 gals and 11 guys and if we’re being honest Evelyn definitely has a shot.

America is always searching for the most unique ‘next best thing’ and we think Evelyn may have what it takes to become the official American Idol. Check out Evelyn’s unique sound below. 

This songstress definitely has an interesting style, with an Alanis Morissette twang. 

American Idol

Back in December, Evelyn took to IG (as we millennials tend to do) and revealed the exciting American Idol news.”***Just gonna drop this here***I auditioned for @americanidol?Tune in to @abcnetwork on March 3rd to see what happened! #americanidol.”

After American Idol dropped this EPIC trailer of the upcoming season, fans put on their detective hats and got to work! In the season 17 Idol teaser you see Ryan introducing (slash hiding) the top 20 in Hawaii at Disney’s Aulani Resort. 

After doing some digging, this picture was posted online and 90 day fans couldn’t help but spot a familiar face. 

Evelyn Cormier American Idol

How do you think Evelyn will do in the competition?

American Idol premiers on March 3 on ABC



Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

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