Zhavia Recorded Song With Diplo And French Montana For ‘Deadpool 2’


We knew it wouldn’t take long for The Four’s Zhavia to blow up on the music scene. But even we couldn’t have predicted that she’d get this big of an opportunity right out of the gate. For God’s sake, her first single will be featured on the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool. That’s huge.

Her manager, Thomas Barsoe, made the announcement today in an Instagram post. He said,

The song is called Welcome to the Party and will be a featured song in Deadpool 2. It will be released May 15 and the movie opens on May 18th. Not only that but the song also features Diplo, French Montana, and Lil Pump. For a young girl just starting out that is HUGE. Not that we had any doubts that Zhavia was going to conquer the world.

It’s interesting to me that Zhavia, who came in third on The Four, is doing better so far that Evvie McKinney who actually won the show. It just goes to show you that sometimes it isn’t the people who win on these talent shows that go on to have the biggest careers.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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