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You’re The Ultimate ‘AGT’ Fan If You Can Pass This Quiz

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Are you the ultimate fan of America’s Got Talent? Being an ultimate fan of AGT means you know more than just who won each season. It’s knowing the little things that others may not have known before. If you’ve been watching AGT since day one, this quiz will be a breeze.

Do you think you know everything about America’s Got Talent? Answer these trivia questions about the series to determine if you deserve the title of ultimate AGT fan.

America’s Got Talent has been around since 2006 and it has seen a lot of different judges and formatting. Believe it or not the judging panel wasn’t always filled with the celebrities we know at love. Season one judges were David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, and Brandy Norwood. The series was hosted by Regis Philbin and contained 40 contestants.

What Has Changed in Formatting?

Original auditions took place in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Contestants who were picked from auditions immediately went into the semi finals. Since there were so many contestants, semi finals lasted five weeks and each episode contained 10 acts. The fifth week featured 10 previously eliminated contestants as wildcards.

Semi finals and finals looked a lot different than how they do in 2022. In 2006 the judges chose who would go on to the next round and they were unable to use the buzzer to stop a performance at anytime. Contestants in the semi finals expected two outcomes, continuing into the finals or getting picked to be apart of the wildcard round. Each judge could choose two semi final acts to continue. The general public chose one from each round, with two additional places offered.

Another difference in format was introduced in season two with the Vegas Round. Sometimes acts were categorized based on their act within this round, but some seasons worked differently. Nonetheless, this round always trimmed the number of contestants down before the quarterfinals. Season eight was the last time fans saw this format.

How is The Show Formatted Now?

In the past seasons America’s Got Talent had a modified format due to the ongoing coronavirus, but it pretty much played out how it normally does. In season 16, fans saw eight episodes filled with 90 second acts. Keep in mind that the episodes were filled with some people that auditioned for the series, not all.

During auditions, six golden buzzers were given to acts. The Golden Buzzer was introduced in season ten and is typically given when a judge determines that the person on the stage is good enough to win the show. Each judge plus the host get a Golden Buzzer to give. In this past season there was the first ever honorary all judge and host golden buzzer given to Victory Brinker.

From there, AGT had an untelevised judge deliberation meeting. Normally, fans would see remaining acts perform once more for the judges, but last season differed due to the summer olympics. Fans didn’t like the off screen decisions, so it should be interesting to see if that format is kept in season 17.

From there, contestants went to perform in the live quarter, and semi finals, as well as the finale. Quarter finals lasted three weeks, with semi finals lasting two, and finals lasting one. Within each results episode, America was able to save one of the bottom acts with the Instant Save feature. Winners of America’s Got Talent receive a $1 million cash prize.

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2 years ago

No… the golden buzzer was introduced in season 9 😕

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