You’ll Never Guess Which of Your Favorite Talent Show Judges is Oldest

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If you can get all of these right, you seriously deserve a prize. I bet you won’t be able to guess who is the oldest judges on your favorite shows. This quiz is jam-packed with judges from some of your favorite shows, are you a pro at guessing who’s the oldest, or do you need to take it a few times?

It’s no secret that America loves their competition shows and their stars. Whether you’re a fan of American Idol, The Voice, The Masked Singer, Dancing With The Stars, or America’s Got Talent, this is the quiz for you.

Do you know how old the judges on your favorite show? Just click on the judge that you think is the oldest, and we’ll reveal the correct answer.

Premiering this fall is a brand new talent competition show, Alter Ego. This new show will premiere on FOX on September 22 directly after The Masked Singer. Similar to The Masked Singer, Alter Ego will also have a two-night premiere.

What is ‘Alter Ego’? How Do You Win?

This show is technology-based and can be described as “the world’s first avatar singing competition series.” Each contestant will get an avatar that will perform on the stage. Contestants will never actually take to the stage physically in this show. Celebrity judges will then decide on contestant talent through the avatar video. It’s really such a cool idea, it’s the perfect mix between video game and talent show.

The celebrity panel will feature singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette, pop star Grimes, 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, and Black Eyed Peas rapper Alter Ego will have the all star host, Rocsi Diaz.

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