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‘X Factor’ Contestant Returns To The Show And Blows Up AGAIN [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
1 month

Even the worst acts on shows like The X Factor sometimes get a second chance. Take, for instance, George Gerasimou, who auditioned as part of a group and later returned as a solo act.

George blew up at the judges the first time around, and vowed that he had changed in the time since his audition. But he proved to be just as angry and immature his second time around.

George Gerasimou auditions for “The X Factor.”

George Gerasimou Auditions For ‘X Factor’

George previously auditioned for The X Factor UK in 2009 as part of a group called Triple Trouble. He caused a stir back then, blowing up at the judges and throwing his microphone on the ground as he stormed off the stage.

The 19-year-old returned to the show in 2011, saying he had vowed to change his behavior from the last time. “I was really quick-tempered back then,” he said, adding that it’s “not the sort of person I am.” He promised the judges he’d “matured.”


He quickly proved just how false that statement was. Judge Gary Barlow stopped his audition in the middle, and George didn’t take it very well. He’d stepped off the stage during the performance, and security had to escort him back.

The judges told him he hadn’t changed, with Gary saying he’d “matured like a bad curry.” George responded, “I respect your opinion. Now it’s time for my opinion.” He went on to insult judge Tulisa, calling her the “scumbag trying to replace Cheryl.” He added, “Shut up, you silly [beep],” leading to gasps from the audience.

George Gerasimou responds to his “X Factor” audition.

George Takes His Bad Attitude Backstage

Tulisa told George he embarrassed himself, and he responded by giving the audience and judges the middle finger as he walked off stage. He continued his tirade backstage, pointing to Tulisa on the screen and saying, “No dogs allowed! I didn’t know dogs were allowed on X Factor!”


Host Dermot O’Leary stepped in and warned George, “Watch your mouth. Don’t call girls that.” The angry contestant then stormed away from the cameras, cursing as he went.

In an interview after his audition, George accused Tulisa of provoking him into lashing out, admitting he came out of it looking like a “clown.” He said he applied for the show before knowing who the judges were, adding they should feel “privileged” to have him audition.

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