Winner Maddie Poppe Trolls ‘American Idol’ Over Last Season’s Debacle

Jill O'Rourke
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Season 16 American Idol winner Maddie Poppe may not have put her beef with the show to rest just yet. A couple of recent tweets from the singer suggest she’s still sour about the show’s lack of promotion for her new music last season.

If you’re not up to date on all the drama, read on for a recap of the feud between Maddie and Idol. Then you be the judge on whether or not her latest comments are a dig at the show.

Maddie Poppe promotes her album after drama on “American Idol.”

Maddie Poppe’s ‘American Idol’ Drama

Last season, American Idol angered Maddie’s fans when the show failed to plug her album Whirlwind during an appearance on the show. Maddie herself tweeted about the lack of promotion, and revealed that the show had rehearsed an announcement about her album but ran out of time.

To make things even more awkward, Maddie wasn’t even invited to perform on the finale of the show, even though third-place artist Gabby Barrett got to perform and promote her music earlier in the season.

Maddie was not shy about her displeasure on social media. She even stopped live-tweeting the show, saying she didn’t want to promote it when they didn’t promote her in return.

The singer ended up making an appearance during the finale to talk about her album, but she didn’t perform. She continued to like negative tweets about the show, and later said Idol “turned their back” on her, adding that “the best revenge is to be successful.”

Maddie Trolls ‘American Idol’ On Twitter

Cut to this past weekend, when Maddie retweeted a fan’s self-edited video and added a cheeky comment. The clip is from her time on American Idol, and is dubbed with audio from one of her Instagram Stories. The user joked that it’s Maddie’s new single.

According to a response from another Twitter user, the moment (in which Maddie sings about being “platinum”) happened when she was upgraded to platinum for her flights. In Maddie’s retweet, she thanked American Idol for “having me back to sing my new single ‘Platinum’. It was such an honor to be on that stage again!”

That could certainly be read as a dig at the show for not inviting her to perform her own music. To make things even more awkward, American Idol replied to the tweet with a laughing emoji.

The same user tweeted another funny edit of Maddie singing with her boyfriend and Idol runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson about a “non-stick cake pan.” Maddie once again retweeted with a comment about American Idol having them on to perform.

Whether or not Maddie meant to shade the show for last season’s drama, you have to love her sense of humor. However, we’re a little sad that “Platinum” and “Non-Stick Cake Pan” aren’t actual singles we can listen to in full.

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