Will Gabrielle Union Release Phone Recordings That Prove NBC Executive Threatened Her To Stay Quiet?

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Since filing a formal harassment complaint from her time on America’s Got Talent, Gabrielle Union is ready to expose NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy. She alleges that Telegdy threatened her and told her not to speak out about the racism she experienced on set. Union and her attorney both attest that the truth is in the phone records that they want to release for the public to see.

Union has been tweeting in support of the Black Lives Matter since her formal complaint went public. She shared several tweets about racism in the workplace as well as police brutality but has not made a mention of these phone recordings on social media.

Gabrielle Union Has Phone Records To Prove She Was Threatened By NBC

After alleging that the head of NBC tried to silence and intimidate her so that she would refrain from speaking out, her formal complaint says she was threatened with calls made to her agent. There are phone records to prove it and she and her attorney are willing to make them public. The complaint says “Should Mr. Telegdy wish to see phone records or call sheets from the date of his threat, we can make those available for the world to see.” It is not yet clear what the exact nature of these calls was but by the sound of it, there might be some concrete evidence that Union was in fact threatened to keep quiet.


“On or about February 4, 2020, Telegdy threatened Union through her agent and warned Union’s agent that Union had better cease from pursuing her claims of racism while filming AGT,” says the complaint. This was fairly recent and at that point, Union had not yet filed the formal complaint. These claims of racism include being told her hairstyle was “too black” along with Simon Cowell ignoring her allergy to cigarette smoke and smoking to the point where she was sick from it. The complaint goes on to say that for NBC, Union’s allegations of racism and discrimination were seen as an act of whistleblowing. But for Union herself, she felt like it was her time to speak up about this unfair treatment in the workplace, and releasing these phone recordings is just the next step in seeking justice and change.

The Network Maintains That Union’s Allegations About ‘AGT’ Are Untrue

NBC has not remained silent on the matter and conducted its own investigation into the claims about racism on set. They put out a statement saying “The allegation that anyone involved in this process threatened Ms. Union is categorically untrue.” It also said, “We took Ms. Union’s concerns seriously and engaged an outside investigator who found an overarching culture of diversity on the show.” Clearly, there are two conflicting sides in this situation and definitely some questionable behavior going on behind the scenes.


So when will the world get to see the phone records that will no doubt give us some answers in all of this? It seems like all Telegdy has to do is say the word and Union and her team will release these records to remind him of the threats he made. But so far, he has remained mum on the subject while the world waits to get some answers and looks for better workplace culture especially in the media industry.

This situation could land Union and some high level NBC executives in court to settle this heated matter.


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