Shocking Reason Piers Morgan Will Not Return To ‘BGT’

Piers Morgan, the true definition of controversy strikes again on Twitter as he responds to a fan pleading for his return to Britain’s Got Talent. Whether you love him or hate him, Piers knows how to play hard to get, especially with Simon Cowell!

Pablo Urdiales Antelo | Talent Recap Piers Morgan during Judges Cuts of AGT Season 10 as a guest judge

Why Piers is Staying Away from ‘BGT’

It’s been 9 years since Piers took to the judges desk on ‘BGT’ and it seems like fans are growing tired of the current BGT judge lineup. The famous provocateur was a ruthless character, known for his harsh but honest criticisms and at times making Simon look rather innocent! One fan of Piers’ took to Twitter to express his true desire for the man himself to return on ‘BGT’ : ‘Can we have you back on Britain’s Got Talent please. I think you’re a very charismatic character’. We’ll never really know whether Piers really wanted to take a shot at Simon or just couldn’t resist a reply after such an ego-boosting tweet… he did say please!

Piers, bluntly as ever, responded, ‘Sadly, @SimonCowell can’t afford me any more…’

It may just be that Piers, as he claims, is out of Simon’s league… financially anyway! Simon has, already addressed rumours of Piers’ return last year when speaking to ‘Best Magazine’. He said, “No, that’s never going to happen. We all genuinely get on really well. We are just all very comfortable with each other. If I am honest, I just can’t imagine changing the panel.”

It seems like it is a hard no from both Morgan and Cowell so all those out there that cannot bear anymore Piers Morgan air time, do not fear, it’s a long shot from happening!

What’s next for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?

Just a few weeks ago, ‘Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions’ aired, and with a high turnout of viewing ratings, it would be no surprise if it returns next year. It’s possible that after Alesha Dixon was confirmed new judge on America’s Got Talent alongside Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell that the British version may see a similar change. After Howie’s unsteady first impression with the British public after he appeared as guest judge on X Factor: Celebrity, giving harsh criticism and mocking duo act ‘Cole and Edwards’, it is unlikely that we’ll see him taking a trip to London any time soon!

Should Britain’s Got Talent see a new lineup of judges for next year? Let us know!


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

Pablo Urdiales Antelo is a writer at Talent Recap, covering 'Got Talent', 'The X Factor', and other worldwide talent shows. Occasionally writing pop culture content, he's quick to form opinions on celebrity controversies and political revelations. He lives in London, United Kingdom.

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