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Why People Are Obsessed With Toilet Paper and Do You Have Enough? CALCULATE NOW!

Mriganka Chawla

Mriganka Chawla

toilet paper hoarding

Heidi Klum, a judge on America’s Got Talent, 6 Emmy award nominee, one of the highest-paid model in the world and a Victoria Secret Angel posted to her Instagram that she ran out of Toilet Paper. So will there be enough toilet paper for you? Is there a toilet paper shortage? Why are people obsessed with toilet paper and have you calculated how long your toilet paper will last? We got it all here for you.

As of now we still don’t have confirmation about the results of Heidi’s coronavirus test but we do know that she is out of toilet paper, which, almost all of us are. Except the ones hoarding it. Let’s get into this obsession with toilet paper.


Why Are People Hoarding Toilet Paper?

This brings us to the question we all want an answer to — while it makes sense to me that masks and hand sanitizer would be in short supply because of the outbreak, why are people hoarding toilet paper?

Toilet paper does not cure respiratory viruses, especially not COVID-19.

But BBC reported that there was an armed robbery that took place in Mong Kok, a district of Hong Kong last month and according to local reports, the robbers had threatened a delivery worker who had unloaded rolls of toilet paper outside Welcome Supermarket.


Approximately 600 toilet paper rolls, valued at around HKD1,695 ($218; £167) were stolen.

So why is the world freaking out over toilet roll? And if you are not and are rolling your eyes at these paranoid crowd, there is a psychology behind it. And it isn’t as far fetched as you would think, unlike the tweet down below.

According to Kelly Cryderman, “it is mostly an act of wanting to be prepared for an unknown. It’s an attempt by people at exerting some control over a situation increasingly out of control.”

Sounds absurd? Keep reading but before that, do you have enough toilet paper?

How Long Will Your Toilet Paper Last You? Calculate now! is a genie in a bottle created by student software developer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris, both based in London, in response to people’s obsession with you heard it, TP. What has the world come down to? This coronavirus pandemic is making us wish we never left 2019. Anyways this tool calculates for you just how long your stash of TP will last you.

Why Is Toilet Paper In Such High Demand?

Look around you, look on social media, blogs, articles, and even newspaper — shelves are empty. Shelves that used to be filled with toilet paper are now barren. Costco is running out and did we even think there would come a day like that?

Empty shelves tell people who are usually not freaking out, to start freaking out too — because what if the supplies aren’t replenished? There was no real shortage until people started hoarding it and now there is a shortage but is it an indication of inventory running out?

As of now, we have no such indication.

But it has nothing to do with a shortage or even toilet paper, as per Psychcentral,” People are worried and they want to do something.”


Research on decision-making has documented a “zero risk bias.” People like the idea of eliminating one category of risk entirely, even if it is something as superficial as running out of toilet paper. People can get complete control over that one little thing in their lives. They can feel like they are doing something. 

Everything about the coronavirus and its spread is out of our control. It has changed the world around us and there are cities on lockdown. Our health and well-being is under attack and that can reasonably make us feel threatened and insecure.

Toilet paper allows gives us something to do, it restores some sense of control that is just not there at this moment.

When Will Toilet Paper Shortage End?

Not anytime soon, unfortunately, and it is just people’s fault. The messaging around the coronavirus is what drives people’s specific need to hoard toilet paper. The prevention of coronavirus is all about hygiene and cleanliness. People all over the world are asking us to wash our hands, not touch our faces and not get close to people and their “filth” and “germs.”

Toilet paper symbolizes hygiene and cleanliness and people psychologically feel cleaner by stocking it. It has nothing to do with if it will protect us or not because it probably won’t but in times like these, does it help to have a safety cushion or in this case toilet paper?


We all have our own toilet papers during crises like these and you know what?

Pile on.
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