Why People Are Applauding Lorena Bobbitt For Cutting Her Husband’s Pen*s And Throwing It Away?

Mriganka Chawla
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Why People Are Cheering Lorena Bobbit For Cutting Her Husband's Pen*s With A Knife?GettyImages

Lorena Bobbit was the butt of every joke possible in the ’90s because in 1993 she cut her husband’s penis off with a knife. She became the face of revenge and until now, her entire story was never heard.

 I Was Lorena Bobbitt, a highly anticipated film aired tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime and it explored the abuse that went on behind the scenes. Now people know her side of the story and they don’t think she is the crazy revengeful wife.

Why Did Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s Penis?

Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis on June 23, 1993 in Manassas, Virginia, after years of alleged physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Bobbitt alleged that she was raped by her drunk husband and couldn’t take it anymore.

She cut off his penis with an eight-inch carving knife from the kitchen while he slept and drove to the salon where she worked, throwing the severed organ out the window on the way.

Was Lorena Bobbitt Punished For Cutting Her Husband’s Penis

other than being crucified by the media, in 1994, Lorena was found not guilty of injuring John due to temporary insanity brought on by the trauma of being abused, per The New York Times

So Under Virginia law, she underwent a psychiatric evaluation. From there, she spent 45 days in a mental hospital, according to Biography. She was released after that.

Why Is Twitter Team Lorena Bobbit All Of A Sudden?

Now that Bobbit’s story is out for the world to see, there are multiple issues brought back to the surface, like why wasn’t her husband charged with rape? Why is domestic abuse not taken seriously and why are crimes against immigrants not taken more seriously?

People have also argued her decision to not leave once the abuse started by her husband but here we go, we finally have an answer that makes sense.


Twitter user correctly said, “It does my heart good to see Twitter standing up for Lorena Bobbitt. Back when this happened, people were NOT on her side, she was the butt of cruel jokes, there was NO justice for her.

We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way, too. #IWasLorenaBobbitt

One Twitter use also correctly mentioned, “Lorena asked for help SIX TIMES and out of those SIX times the police failed her and john got even more violent. The justice system failed. everyone failed her. #IWasLorenaBobbitt

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