Why Isn’t America Voting For India’s Dancing Duo Bad Salsa On ‘AGT’?

America’s Got Talent judges were impressed with dance duo Bad Salsa’s performance in the semifinals this week. So why didn’t they earn America’s vote to go to the finals?

Bad Salsa was in the Dunkin’ Save Wednesday night, meaning they came in fourth, fifth, or sixth place in the overnight vote. The duo ended up losing the last-minute vote as well, and were ultimately saved by the judges for a place in the Top 10.

Bad Salsa performs in the “AGT” semifinals.

Is Bad Salsa At A Disadvantage On ‘AGT’?

Bad Salsa had better luck in the quarterfinals, where America’s vote was enough to send them through to the next round. This week, they were up for the Dunkin’ Save with Kenadi Dodds and Max Major. America voted to save Kenadi Dodds, while the judges chose to keep Bad Salsa in the competition over Max.

So what was different this week that made America less willing to vote for these dancers? Just like in the quarterfinals, the pair performed on a grand-looking set in India, showing off their signature acrobatic dance moves. The judges gave them a standing ovation.


Before the quarterfinals, fans were concerned that COVID-19 restrictions might put Bad Salsa at a disadvantage. Some acts have had to perform from outside the United States and appear via satellite for judging. After Feng E was eliminated, viewers wondered if other foreign acts would face the same fate.

However, the pair earned America’s vote in the quarterfinals, and the Judges’ Choice this week. Similarly, the Bello Sisters — who have been performing from Germany — received the Judges’ Choice in the quarterfinals, and America’s vote this week. The location of their performances doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

Bad Salsa talked to Talent Recap about being the most viral audition.

Why Didn’t America Vote This Act Through?

Bad Salsa definitely has fans. They were the most viral AGT audition on Talent Recap’s YouTube page this season, with 20 million views as of this writing. However, many of their fans live in India, having carried their support over from India’s Got Talent.


People outside the United States aren’t able to vote in the competition, which could account for why Bad Salsa is so popular online but didn’t capture America’s vote this week. It could also simply be that their competition was tougher in the semifinals.

As we’ve seen season after season, there are certain kinds of acts that consistently get America’s vote. For example, six out of this season’s Top 10 acts are singers. Bad Salsa is the only dance act left in the competition — WAFFLE Crew was eliminated on Wednesday.

Only one dance act has ever won America’s Got Talent — solo performer Kenichi Ebina. Even Indian dance group V. Unbeatable only made it to fourth place in their season, although they went on to win AGT: The Champions. Could that be the next step for Bad Salsa as well?


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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