Why Are People Obsessed With Naughty Simon Cowell Fanfiction? — A Deep Dive Into The Stories You NEED To Hear

Samantha Agate
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Late-night scrolling on Wattpad always leads to some new discoveries. There is virtually fanfiction about almost every celebrity on the planet. Something that might shock you though is reading fanfiction about everyone’s favorite reality talent competition judge Simon Cowell. What is it about him that makes him the perfect character in these thrilling fanfiction stories? Is it the accent, his devilish grin, or the way he wears a deep v neck t-shirt? Let’s find out!

Three years ago, one Twitter user asked Simon if he ever read fanfiction about himself and David Walliams. Unfortunately, Simon never spilled the tea and gave an answer.

There Is A Ton Of Simon Cowell Fanfiction About ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

The story “Give Your Heart A Break” details Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliam’s “toxic marriage” that leads him to bond with Simon who has been “abandoned with his young son Eric.” This is a love story for the ages as the two men share a drunken night together and ultimately realize that they have loved each other all along. There’s just something about these two men who both have a way with words that makes the sentiment of this story seem rather sweet. But also, people have to wonder what kind of vibes the pair have given off in real life to inspire this kind of romantic story.


Fans of Britain’s Got Talent know that the pair have a bromance which definitely inspired some of these love stories about them. The beauty of fanfiction is that it can be about anything the creator wants it to be. In fact, there is literally an entire collection of stories labeled “Damon,” a play on a ship name combining David and Simon. In most of the stories, the pair have a secret relationship behind the scenes. There are even YouTube compilations that show off the judge’s bromance that has been the source of fanfiction for years.

One Direction & ‘X Factor’ Fan-Fics Include Simon As A Main Character

When you’re known as the guy responsible for creating One Direction, one of the most successful boybands of all time, of course, people are going to write stories about you. Simon is featured in almost every One Direction fan-fic out there whether he is portrayed as the boys “doting father” or “band manager.” In one story called “Simon Cowell’s Daughter,” Simon has a daughter named Gabriella that shows up to one of One Directions photoshoots. After meeting the group, she falls in love with Harry Styles. Not to mention in this story, Simon has an entire brood of older children which is contrary to his real-life where he shares one son, 6-year-old Eric with partner Lauren Silverman.


Simon having a daughter that falls in love with one of the members of One Direction is a common theme in Wattpad stories. In the story “She’s Not Afraid,” Simon has a daughter named Alice that falls in love with group member Louis Tomlinson. In another instance, Simon is his usual self in the story “That One Thing” when a young girl falls for the guest judge Harry Styles while she auditions for The X Factor.

But in other more steamy stories like “Mr.Cowell Will See You Now,” Simon is seen as a sex symbol and is the subject of the main characters’ affection. It tells the story of a person who just landed a job at Syco Entertainment, Simon Cowell’s entertainment company with Sony Music. And well…things get a little steamy between Simon and the young woman. It is definitely a play on the “50 Shades Of Grey” franchise based on the erotic romance novel of the same name. And naturally, this story isn’t the only one to explore a more raunchy avenue involving the entertainment mogul.

So Why Do People like Creating Simon Cowell Fanfiction?

The simple answer to the age-old question is that over the years, Simon has charmed us as a judge on several reality television competitions. And of course, some people just like the thrill of having a crush on a “bad boy.” Simon branded himself as a bad boy after years of making rash comments about contestants whether it be on American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent or The X factor. Granted, Simon has become softer over the years but he has always had that personality where you can love him one minute and want to slap a Snapple cup out of his hand for being too harsh the next minute.


According to an article on The Establishment, “For many of these teenagers, yet to have kissed anyone, adoption fantasies are a pre-sexual way to physically relate to celebrities, and to explore intimacy.” Something tells us that it isn’t just teenagers writing fanfiction about Simon though. Whatever the case or the reasoning is behind all of the Simon Cowell fanfiction, the truth of the matter is, the man has a ton of fans. He has really become a legend of reality talent competitions and the fact that people write stories about him speaks volumes to how he has become a global icon in the entertainment industry. And yes, you should totally go read all of the stories because they are literally addicting.

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