Why ‘AGT’ Will Still Be On In The Midst Of The Pandemic [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
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The show must go on for AGT Season 15! The coronavirus pandemic may have interrupted production, but the new season will still premiere on May 26. Now we have a new preview video to enjoy.

This season, former judge Heidi Klum is returning to the table, along with new judge Sofia Vergara. The judges have had to film some of the auditions at home or with an empty audience to maintain social distancing.

Why Is ‘AGT’ Going Forward?

In a new sneak peek at this season of America’s Got Talent, the judges explain why it was so important that the show goes forward in the midst of such a difficult time in the world.

“I think that we see on AGT that people show up in the face of adversity with a dream,” Howie Mandel shared. “And we watch those dreams come true. Now the world is facing adversity, and the talent that shows up on our show has inspired us to just keep going.”


Simon Cowell shared that “the sense of emotion is amplified” on the show right now. Sofia added that we all need to be “together” now. “It’s about us connecting, watching something together,” Heidi said. “To be able to talk about what we just saw.”

Based on the video, this season looks like it will feature dance groups, magicians, acrobats, and of course plenty of singers. Inspiring stories abound, and they’re likely to be even more moving at a time like this.

Heidi Klum Is Back At The Judges’ Table

AGT also shared a video of Heidi reacting to the news that she’s returning to the show. She showed off some dance moves and shouted “I’m back!” so loudly that they had to do it over again.


Howie Mandel also shared his thoughts on Heidi’s return, saying he was glad that he got to sit next her this time around. “I love how they did it alphabetically,” he said. “All the S’s on one side [Sofia and Simon], and the H’s on the other [Howie and Heidi].”

Howie may not have been as excited to sit next to Heidi once he learned she was sick this season. While they were still filming in studio, the model had to leave the set due to illness. Although there were fears she had coronavirus, her test came back negative. We’re glad she’s okay, and we’re sure Howie is, too.

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