Who’s Performing On Tonight’s AGT Semi-Finals Show?


Tonight America’s Got Talent returns for the second round of semi-final performances. After last week’s stellar show, where five acts moved on to the finals, we’ll find out tomorrow which performers will be joining them for a chance to win this year’s America’s Got Talent.

Angelica Hale

Little Angelica is the odds on favorite to to be a contender for the AGT crown this year. With a golden voice and an irresistibly cute look, she’s the one to beat tonight. She’s also huge with the fans.

Mandy Harvey

Mandy will also be performing and will surely move on to the finals. The deaf singer with the amazing voice really impressed Simon and the other judges and pulled on America’s heart strings. She’ll definitely move forward.

Light Balance

These guys might make it through IF they don’t have any technical issues. The problem with an act like this that depends on technology so much is that if the tech isn’t working they are kind of screwed.

The Pompeyo Family

Brought back by a wild card vote, The Pompeyo Family and their dog act will return tonight. The question is: can they get more votes than last week’s popular dog act, Sara and Hero?

Merrick Hanna

Who doesn’t love a little boy who can pop and lock? Of all the dancing acts on this year’s show I would say he has the best chance of moving on. He may not win the whole shebang but he’ll definitely have another opportunity to show his stuff.


I don’t know. These guys don’t do it for me. Sure, their tricks are cool and all but I don’t see them moving on to the finals.

Colin Cloud

How this guy got into the semi-finals is as mysterious as how he does his mentalist tricks. His stuff is cool but that “The Murder of Simon Cowell” schtick he did was just convoluted and weird.

In The Stairwell

They have lovely voices, no doubt about that. But I just don’t see a big group like this winning the show. It’s hard to make a connection with that many people.

Christian Guardino

He’s a great singer with a bright future, I’m sure, but I think his journey has come to an end on the show. Over the weeks he hasn’t really shown a whole lot of range.

Kechi Okwuchi

We’ve all been moved by Kechi’s story of survival after her horrific plane crash. She’s very talented but I think she’s reached her limit and will probably go home.

Celine Tam

There are people who back Celine and those that love Angelica Hale but I don’t see them picking both of them. If they can only pick one, it’s going to be Angelica.

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