Who Is The Winner Of James Charles’ Show ‘Instant Influencer’?

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James Charles’ YouTube show Instant Influencer is a huge hit with all of his subscribers. Episode three premiered today and we have to say, it really showcased the remaining three artists’ tremendous talent. So, who did James choose as the next beauty superstar? Is it Benny, Kailin or Ashley?

James challenged the final three to create the next mega makeup moment, a look that would go absolutely viral on YouTube. They will even shoot with James’ photographer to get some stunning pictures of their bold looks.

Ashley Had Tremendous Success Throughout All Of The ‘Instant Influencer’ Challenges

She won the first compact challenge with her stunning inkblot look. It represented how no one person sees the same thing when there is an inkblot which is an important life message to take away from this show. Ashley won her second compact challenge in week two after creating a glam red carpet look in 20 minutes. She was bold in the elimination challenge in week two after the contestants were challenged to create a drag makeup look. She painted her face blue and literally made herself look like a different species. Ashley won that week’s elimination challenge as well. In last weeks elimination challenge, she was paired with Nikita Dragun to create a vulnerable collab video where she opened up about motherhood.

For this challenge, Ashley wants to do a look that will be easy for other people to recreate. She is very inspired by fashion and wants to do a look based on the Off White brand because it is very minimalistic. Ashley did have a lot of nerves in this challenge which was new for her. She painted one part of her face white and wrote words with eyeliner. The other side of her face was transparent with little makeup. She created a zip tie to put on her ear to tie the whole look together. During her photoshoot, she had a great idea to put some black quotation marks on the wall behind her. James loved the picture and said that he would definitely do a look similar to this for his Instagram. He questioned why only one side of her face was painted white. The judges pointed out that some minor details were not as clean and pristine as they would have liked.

Samantha Agate | Talent Recap


Kailin’s Got A Winning Personality

Kailin always had the personality that set her apart from the other contestants. Though she struggled with time management throughout the challenges, she still managed to turn out some gorgeous looks. Kailin really impressed the judges in the drag challenge when she went for a bold pink look. And now she is looking to win.

Kailin has newfound confidence in the final challenge and she doesn’t want her self-doubt to hold her back. She wants to create a trend that will help people inspire themselves more. One side of her face has words written that people think about her and the other side is what she actually is. Her photos include a crown and some balloons as props. James loves her photo and the concept of showing people that she is a “bad b*tch.” Her look is absolutely gorgeous and her story is super inspirational because she has gone through so much in her life, yet has turned out to be such an amazing human being.

Samantha Agate | Talent Recap

Benny Has Become More Confident & Has Shown Improvements

Perhaps Benny’s shining moment on the show was overcoming the pink wig incident in the drag challenge. When Indigo stole the pink wig that Benny had his eye on, he had to adapt and change his whole vision. Judge Norvina has had a soft spot for Benny throughout the competition and has really pushed him to work harder and take her advice.

Benny is excited to do a very big, unique look. He describes it as a “kinky bunny” look. James was not a fan of this concept because he feels like it is not original. Nor does Benny have a story about this look that relates to him. But, he wants to take the risk with this look and develop a story to go behind it so that it seems less like an Ariana Grande inspired look. Benny said that his look reflects that he constantly feels like he is putting on a mask. James likes the overall photo and thinks it’s cute. Norvina likes the look as well but feels like it needs to be more simple for people to want to recreate it. Guest judge Mario Dedivanovic feels like the look could be a little too much like it’s Halloween. His critiques were super harsh during judging but it makes sense considering he is one of the most successful makeup artists in the world.

Samantha Agate | Talent Recap

The Winner Of ‘Instant Influencer’ Is…

Ashley! It has been a pleasure to watch Ashley create innovative looks in each episode. There is no denying her artistry and the fact that she is particularly motivated to win. She shared her story about being a teen mom and how much her son means to her. Ashley came into the show hungry to win straight out of the gate. She was the clear winner of Instant Influencer the moment she stepped through the door in her clear plastic high heels, and powered through every challenge with a positive attitude.

Congratulations to Ashley who now walks away with filming equipment valued at $10,000 just like the setup James uses. She also will be doing a collaboration with James Charles on his YouTube channel with over 18 million subscribers along with earning a whopping $50,000.


We can’t wait to see what’s next for Ashley and are already anticipating season two of Instant Influencer!


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