The X Factor UK

What Was Going On With Sharon On Saturday’s ‘The X Factor UK’?

Maybe one of the hardest rounds on The X Factor is the six chair challenge. The judge in the hot seat only has six seats to fill from among the many contestants that have made it that far. They must be choosey in who they pick and be somewhat ruthless. But Sharon was playing musical chairs on Saturday and made some really weird choices. Simon and Nicole were not pleased.

Is it crueler to send someone home right after their performance or to give them a seat and THEN kick them off to give it to someone else? Sharon only initially eliminated two women and seated everyone else, however briefly. Some of the women were only seated for one singer. Then she kicked off singers like Shananya, that were hella talented, for singers that weren’t up to snuff. Then there is Alisah who the audience feels sorry for but who really isn’t as great as some of the ones that went home. Sure, Simon stormed off when Sharon cut her and there were certainly other girls who were more deserving of being cut, but still she’s not winning.

Sharon is a great manager. I wouldn’t want to be in a negotiation with her. She seems like a real shark, but for some reason Saturday she was being a big softy. I don’t envy being a judge on one of these shows. For every one performer whose dreams you help, you crush the dreams of many others. Sharon needs to toughen up and realize that you can’t make buddies with everyone.