What Is Holding Katy Perry Back From Walking Down The Aisle With Orlando Bloom?

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There’s no denying that it’s been a big week for Katy Perry with the announcement of her baby on the way with fiancée Orlando Bloom. Her music video for the song “Never Worn White” has already garnered over 19 million views on Youtube. But, there have been a few more curveballs thrown into her life that might affect their upcoming wedding plans.

American Idol Has A Busy Filming Schedule

American Idol will be going live soon after the highly anticipated Hollywood week and the week in Hawaii where the judges narrow down the contestants and choose who will advance to the live shows. Each season stretches on for about 18 episodes, so we could be watching Idol well into the beginning of Summer.


We do not have an exact idea of how far along Perry is, but it is speculated that she is due some time in the Summer. This seems like a busy time to have a wedding in the midst of filming and preparing to give birth, especially if the wedding is in another country.

Katy Perry’s Grandmother Recently Passed Away

Perry announced earlier today that her grandmother Ann Pearl Hudson had died at the age of 99. She always cited her grandmother as being one of her biggest inspirations and credits her for giving her wit and authenticity. In an emotional Instagram post, Perry featured several pictures of her grandmother including a video of her telling her grandmother that she is expecting. In the video, Ann Pearl is sitting in a hospital bed as Perry excitedly delivers the news.

Coronavirus Has Already Postponed Their Wedding

Coronavirus has been a cause of concern for people traveling internationally over the past few weeks. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom initially planned their Japan wedding for early this Summer but have since had to postpone it for fears of coronavirus infecting travelers. They do not want to put their 150 guests at risk of contracting the virus.


Not The First Time Katy and Orlando’s Wedding Has Been Postponed

Initially, they planned to get married in December of 2019 but felt that the timing wasn’t right. They wanted to plan a local celebration as well as a destination wedding. The pair got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019 in an elaborate helicopter ride that ended with her being surprised by her family.

One thing we do know is that when the time finally comes for Perry and Bloom to walk down the aisle, there will be no shortage of glitter, elaborate outfit changes, and her signature quirky antics that we see all the time on American Idol.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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