Wendy Williams Reflects On ‘The Masked Singer’ Experience Days After Strange On-Air Behavior

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Wendy Williams had fans concerned recently after a few strange moments caught on air during The Wendy Williams Show. But last night she was shockingly revealed to be Lips on The Masked Singer. Now fans are questioning whether Wendy’s behavior was brought on by long rehearsals and an intense schedule.

Wendy Williams Dished On ‘Masked Singer’ Experience

Wendy took the Hot Topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show to tell fans about her experience on The Masked Singer. “You have no idea how hard it was to keep the secret,” she said. “I was on The Masked Singer last night, I was Lips, and by the way all of the staffers and everybody on the studio lot if you called somebody out of their regular name like if somebody said ‘Wendy’ or ‘I love your show'” she trailed off. She proceeded to say that production on The Masked Singer is taken very seriously and anyone who does not comply with the rules will receive a fine.


On set, they called Wendy “Lips” which was hard for her to get used to. For her performance, Wendy sang “Native New Yorker” which she fumbled the lyrics to and began laughing during the performance. “I chose that song because I like that song, it’s one of the songs that I know all of the words to” she said ironically.

Wendy said that when she was asked to do The Masked Singer her first response was “uh yeah.” She has been watching the show since season one and loves “the banter between all of the judges and also Nick.” Nick Cannon called Wendy the night she went out to LA to film the show. She expected him to give her advice about it but he truly had no idea that she was going to be competing this season. Her producer Norman was also “flabbergasted” when he watched her be unmasked on the show.

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Was This The Reason For Wendy’s Strange On-Air Behavior?

As Wendy was talking about her ‘Masked Singer’ experience, she hilariously let out a few burps on air. She declared that her indigestion was brought on by “potatoes and fried eggs” with “a little hot sauce and ketchup.”

Previously, fans and staffers on The Wendy Williams Show grew concerned that the host was displaying erratic behavior on air. She was slurring her words and looked very lethargic. But now, it seems she has had a lot on her plate recently preparing for The Masked Singer.

A car picked her up and whisked her away to a private plane where she had to dress in black from head to toe to conceal her identity. “Rehearsals were really really difficult” she continued. “They were like six to eight hours a day.” For her, another challenge was wearing the costume. “It was so hot I could barely breathe.” She also dished that each contestant performs at least two or three times and then the performances are all cut and edited together.

Wendy’s Fans Are Shocked By Her ‘Masked Singer’ Appearance

Though she was eliminated early on, she definitely seemed to have enjoyed her difficult yet rewarding ‘Masked Singer’ experience and so did her fans.

“Most of us are just really happy to see that Wendy was doing something fun during this chapter of her life…I feel like she’s family it’s so good to see her living her best life,” wrote one fan in the comments on YouTube.

“People are so mean and negative toward wendy. She is human and was obviously tired, rehearsals are exhausting” said another comment. Others echoed that Wendy is just probably tired which explains her erratic moments on her talk show.


Were you shocked when Wendy was revealed as Lips on The Masked Singer?


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