WATCH Trisha Paytas’ Cringey ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition That Had Howard Stern In Love

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We all know Trisha Paytas as the crying mukbang queen on YouTube, but did you know she made a huge impression on the judges when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent in season 7? Watch the audition that we all forgot about below to relive this super cringe moment.

Trisha Paytas Auditioned For ‘America’s Got Talent’

When Trisha first walked out onto the stage in a hot pink latex dress and the highest pair of pumps, she immediately had judge Howard Stern saying “wow.” The crowd started shouting “Vegas” definitely because of her bold looks. “The audience is right, you look like you work in vegas,” Howard said. “I know I get that a lot. Someone thought I was a stripper or a pornstar I’m not like that, I love Jesus” she said. This is interesting because Trisha has been very open on social media about how she was a stripper in the past so she could make money to survive. Why did she lie when she went on ‘AGT’?

She introduced herself as “Trish like fish.” Of course, now, we all know her has Trisha Paytas. Howard went on to ask her what she does for a living and she said she was “like a computer programmer but I work in my house so no one ever sees me.”

Computer programming is a really interesting way to say that she works as a YouTuber. Surprisingly, Trisha decided to rap during her audition because she talks really fast. Once she started rapping, she immediately got all three red buzzers from the judges. “Trisha it was just annoying for me,” said Howard. He went on to say that it gave him a headache. Judge Sharon Osbourne said she couldn’t understand anything Trisha was saying.


Trisha Revealed Her Crush On Howard

After her rap performance did not impress the judges, Trisha had something to get off her chest. “I just needed to make up a talent so I could see Howard Stern” she admitted. Howard went up to hug her after saying “you know what baby, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” Trisha excitedly jumped up and down. “I know I’m not talented, I just came for you,” Trisha said through giggles as she hugged Howard. When it came time for voting, Howard voted to send her to the next round while Howie Mandel and Sharon were not as impressed and voted “no.” Before leaving the stage, Trisha said she would meet Howard in Vegas. “We’re going to have a beautiful date at the mental institution, you wait and see,” he said. “You’re so sexy I don’t care,” she said before leaving the stage.


So did Trisha and Howard’s date actually happen. We’re going to have to give that idea a red buzzer. But Trisha did go on to have close to five million subscribers on YouTube and made tons of other appearances on reality shows like My Strange Addiction and The Millionaire Matchmaker. She has put out her own original music and even embarked on her own tour. And recently, she started an OnlyFans to make some more cash.

While she has been one of the more controversial figures on YouTube because of her past comments, she has come a long way since rapping on America’s Got Talent and professing her love for Howard.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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