WATCH The Moment That Made Judges Call Singer ‘Obnoxious Little Brat’ On ‘America’s Got Talent’

America's Got Talent Kayvon Zand

Singer Kayvon Zand returned to the America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts to redeem himself after failing to impress all of the judges in his audition. In season 10, he decided to do something completely different for his second performance. But it was his attitude and behavior that caught everyone’s attention in a negative way.

Kayvon Zand Did Not Impress The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges

Kayvon wanted to impress Mel B this time with a song with a higher tempo. She originally gave him a buzzer during his audition along with Heidi Klum. But, thankfully the judges gave him another chance to showcase his talent. This time he was joined on stage by dancers that had the same exaggerated pompadour hairstyle as him.  He sang Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Right Round.” Mel B, Heidi and Howard Stern all gave him their buzzers as the audience waited to see if Howie Mandel would do the same. Howard told him that his act falls short on talent. However, Howie was a huge fan from the start saying “enjoy it, don’t take it so seriously.” Although things took a turn when Howie said “the piano is not good.”


Kayvon then walked back over to the piano to prove Howie wrong. This prompted Howie to give him a red buzzer. “I thought he was just being comedic” Howie said before realizing Kayvon’s act was serious. Howard pointed out that because Kayvon got four buzzers it would be impossible for him to move on to the next round. “Look at Madonna, she’s a serious artist but she has a sense of humor. Look at Lady Gaga, she has a sense of humor. “Lady Gaga is probably one of the technically best singers I’ve ever heard. Madonna is a fabulous singer” Howard said. Mel B gave him props for coming on America’s Got Talent and performing but criticized his technique. “Do you think you’re a better singer than me?” he asked the Spice Girl. Kayvon said that he has been taking vocal lessons for six years. “

Let me give you some honest criticism. If this show was called ‘America’s Got Obnoxious Little Brats,’ you would win it” said guest judge Piers Morgan. “Your behavior is obnoxious. For you to have the gawl to stand there and compare yourself to Mel B whose had number ones all around the world is frankly an insult to the judging panel.” Kayvon continued to babble on to try and defend his comments but finally left the stage.

Where Is Kayvon Now?

Obviously, Kayvon did not make it past Judge Cuts. After his America’s Got Talent audition, he wrote a piece in the Huffington Post about his negative experience on the show. “It all felt like schoolyard bullying. I realized everything the producers promised me, in the beginning, wasn’t a reality. My mic was cut off so I couldn’t defend myself anymore, and I just walked off the stage with my head still high” he said. But Kayvon did not let this stop him from pursuing an entertainment and nightlife career. In 2017, he launched a casting company called Zandwagon. It represents diverse people of all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Kayvon also became a dad to two children and celebrated 10 years of marriage with his wife Anna.


He also started a queer music project and teased new music would be coming soon.

Do you think the judge’s comments were too harsh during Kayvon’s America’s Got Talent performance?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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