Reporter CAUGHT Cheating When Undressed Woman Walks By His Live TV Report [VIDEO]

reporter cheating live tv

Welcome to another day in quarantine! Today we have a man on video recording what looks like an innocent video but wait for a woman in a bra to walk by in the video but things get even juicier because this man’s girlfriend, who the woman in the video is not, happens to be famous. People know her well in Spain and were quick to ring the cheating bell!

The world has been quarantined for over a month due to the coronavirus pandemic most people are working from home. There have been instances of topless parents walking in on reporters’ at-home live shots, video conference participants going to the bathroom in front of co-workers, some forgetting their camera on camera and now just earlier Will Reeve forgot to wear his pants while being on air.


Husband Cheats On Wife With Another Half-Naked Woman Caught On Camera

Now we have some more crazy to add on to the list of things people do while quarantined. News anchor named Alfonso Merlos from Spain was hosting a show live on YouTube from his home and BAM! During it, he just created the biggest scandal known on the internet today.

All thanks to all the free people with free time at home, a lot has surfaced about that seemingly innocent video and the man in it. In the video, the 41-year-old spoke and behind him, a woman in only her bra casually walked by in his bedroom. Now that would be just another day on the internet but it turns out that was definitely not his girlfriend.

His girlfriend is well-known, Marta Lopez, who gained fame in the Spanish version of Big Brother.

Now thanks to all the free people sitting on the internet, curious watchers figured out that it was a 27-year-old journalist named Alexia Rivas. Now people are also angry that Alfanso did not stick to social distancing

Naked Husband Interrupts Reporters Live Video

Sacramento television reporter Melinda Meza was reporting from home on how to cut your hair alone while in quarantine, but the story turned out to be something a bit cheekier. What Melinda Meza didn’t notice was that she wasn’t alone while she was filming in her bathroom; her husband was in the shower! Unbeknownst to her, his reflection appeared in the mirror and the audience caught a glimpse of what was behind her.


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