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Nicole Scherzinger is taking the talent show world by storm, as a judge on both The Masked Singer and The X Factor, as well as the upcoming X Factor: Celebrity. The former Pussycat Dolls singer recently took Allure on a tour of her bathroom, and it’s pretty amazing.

Not only is the bathroom’s design gorgeous, but it’s also full of luxurious products Nicole uses in her beauty routine. Read on to find out more about Nicole’s beauty secrets, and get a look at the amazing view from her house.

Nicole Scherzinger gives a tour of her bathroom.

Nicole Scherzinger Shares Beauty Secrets

The singer showed off her well-organized vanity, which features makeup brushes in labeled pouches, and lipsticks in neat containers (one of which is from her grandmother).

She shared her secret for keeping her eyebrows looking good all day — putting soap on a spoolie and brushing it through your brows. Nicole also has what she calls her “little magic skincare wand,” which she rolls over her face when she’s getting ready to reduce inflammation.

Nicole also swears by coconut oil, and said her family in Hawaii used to send her coconut oil extracted from coconuts in their backyard.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Beautiful Bathroom View

Nicole’s bathroom has an amazing design, complete with a two-sided mirror (sink on one side, vanity on the other), a marble steam shower, and a huge bathtub. Also, she doesn’t leave the bathroom without fragrance!

The bathroom also opens onto a spacious balcony, with a view of the Hollywood Hills. “My friends tell me that the higher I am up here in the hills, the closer I am to heaven,” she said. “At night, it twinkles like it’s Christmas.”

You can watch Nicole Scherzinger on the current season of The Masked Singer, as well as The X Factor: Celebrity when it premieres October 12 on ITV.

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Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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