WATCH Meghan Trainor Turn Her Brother Into Her Twin With Make-up

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Meghan Trainor isn’t just an amazing singer, she is a pretty good makeup artist too! Meghan took to IGTV to give her brother Ryan a fabulous makeover while they spend time together in quarantine. The makeover was an effort to get more people to donate to Feeding America. You have to watch the hilarious video because the end result is shocking.

Meghan Trainor Made Ryan Look Exactly Like Her

Meghan got really into the whole makeover process. “You see how much better you look with brows?” asked Meghan as she filled in her brother’s eyebrows. “No, I look insane,” says Ryan holding back a laugh. She then applies some foundation to Ryan’s face with a beauty blender. The foundation may be a few shades too light but she makes it work anyway. The pair are laughing through the entire makeover process. Their laughs are definitely contagious. Throughout the entire video, Meghan encourages people to donate to Feeding America, a non-profit organization that is helping feed 37 million people during the coronavirus pandemic.


Ryan says it’s pretty cool to have Meghan as a sibling because he gets to go to any sporting event that he wants to go to. He also enjoys watching his sister perform in front of thousands of people along with watching her in the studio and how she interacts with other songwriters. Their bond is truly adorable. Who else would be able to put makeup on their brother while they say nice things about you? He says that she is funny and that she is going to be a great mom. Meghan almost cried after Ryan said this. In the past, she has said that she cannot wait to be a mom.

Meghan Trainor’s Husband Danced In The Background

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole video is that Meghan’s husband Daryl Sabara was dancing in the background the entire time. He even picked up the dog at one point as he watches his wife have a great time putting makeup on her brother. Meghan and Daryl also released a cover of “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez to help collect some more money for Feeding America. Might we just say that their relationship is definitely #relationshipgoals.

During the makeover, Ryan kept impersonating his sister. “DARYL GET ME A GINGERALE” he yells sending Meghan into a fit of laughter. He also jokes that his feet hurt and he wants Daryl to give him a foot massage. It seems like Ryan and Daryl also have a good relationship too and always keep each other laughing.

The End Result Of The Makeover Will Have You Shook

Honestly, Meghan and Ryan genuinely did look exactly like twins after she applied Ryan’s face makeup. He said that he is going to become a diva after looking like Meghan now. Meghan went for a simple sparkly champagne-colored eye look. They agreed that Ryan looks like Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie. When it came time to curling Ryan’s eyelashes, he was terrified. Sure eyelash curlers look a little intimidating but they are harmless if you use them correctly. In the video, Meghan gave a shoutout to ELF Cosmetics for donating $10,000 to Feeding America.


Meghan Trainor’s song “Lips Are Moving” appropriately plays in the background as she overlines Ryan’s lips with a nude-colored lip liner. This part is absolutely hilarious because the two keep making funny facial expressions. She finishes the look with some nude lip gloss. “I’m so much hotter than you,” Ryan says. The pair posted some hilarious TikToks where they danced around and Ryan still had a full face of makeup on.

Ryan said that removing the makeup from his face was a challenge, especially the glitter eyeshadow. We all know that glitter sticks to everything, so good luck with that, Ryan!

We loved seeing this fun sibling makeover for a good cause. If you would like to donate to Feeding America, text FEED to 707070. Just $1 is the equivalent to providing 10 meals for people.

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