WATCH Lana Del Rey Clear Up Questions About Her Statement — Says She’s “Definitely Not Racist”

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Lana Del Rey made waves when she posted an entire statement on her Instagram page calling out some other artists by name. She felt like other artists sang about the same things as her and did not receive as much backlash. Calling out artists like Beyonce, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj did not go over well with her followers. Now she is clearing up what she meant in this long statement.

The six minute long Instagram video dissects Lana’s statement piece by piece as she tries to show that she was not trying to tear other artists down. She was simply trying to call more attention to the fact that she feels like her words and music is not looked at in the same way.

Lana Del Rey Says There Is A Reason Why She Never Speaks Out

In this video, Lana touches on a ton of points that people brought up when she posted her original statement. But one thing that she wanted to make clear is that she does not like the backlash she has received. She said this is the “one and only personal declaration” that she has ever made. Lana sarcastically thanked her followers for the warm welcome. This is after hundreds of thousands of people were outraged by her statement after she said she was “fed up with female writers” that say she glamorizes abuse. Lana also said in her original statement that her music is about “being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dancing for money.” She proceeded to call out only artists of color to question the intentions of their music.

In this new video, she said that all she was trying to do was show “the need for fragility in the feminist movement.” She believes that her music does just that. She was not trying to pinpoint women of other races or make it like she has such a hard life because she is white. What she does want to do is show that their music is not all that different, even if people think it is.


Lana Is Tired Of People Calling Her Names After Singing About Sensitive Topics

In this video, Lana specifically mentions black artist FKA Twigs. She is also a trained dancer and has been known to post videos dancing on a stripper poll. She even has an entire music video where she dances on a stripper pole. Lana doesn’t understand why FKA Twigs gets praised for dancing on a stripper pole but she gets called a whore for doing the same thing. Her point to be made is that it should be considered art for each artist that does it, not just one artist. Twitter obviously had their own opinions about this.

Her other grievance is that the artists that she called out in her statement are being praised for singing about things that have been the subject of her music for 13 years. But she is constantly reminded by friends that there are a lot of “psychological factors” that play into her songwriting. She did not want to turn her “advocacy for fragility in the feminist movement into a race war.” The reason why she called out artists of color is that she has established great relationships with all of them and feels they embody exactly what she is talking about in their music.

She Wants To Make It Known That She Is Not Racist

The topic of her video then shifts gears to talk about the reparations for the Navajo community. Yes, the topic of the video seems to be all over the place but she had a ton of questions to clear up. Lana says that she is a “girls girl” and at the end of the day, she just wants what is best for each race. To all the other women like her, she made the statement that “good girls with good intentions get f*cked up the a** because of the culture.” She encourages people to “Say what you really mean.”

Honestly, the one thing that is extremely apparent from this entire situation is that Lana is hurt from all of the backlash she has recieved. She calls the comments made about her “hateful and spiteful.” People called her a “white b*tch.” Someone even leaked her phone number online. It causes fragility but it’s not going to stop her. “I’m definitely not racist” she says at the end of her rant. Genuinely, it is all really hard to follow. Lana will continue to write books of poetry to get out her thoughts and feelings.

She did go on to announce that he next album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” will be coming out soon. In this album she channels all of her feelings and the idea of adding more fragility to feminism.


Judging by her reaction to the backlash she has received over the past few days it looks like she might take a break from speaking out.

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