WATCH Kelly Clarkson’s New Song ‘I Dare You’ Sung In 6 Languages

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Kelly Clarkson has a new song called “I Dare You,” and she’s done something pretty cool with its release. In addition to the original English version, the singer has also put out five duets in different languages, as well as a global mega-mix featuring all six.

Kelly Clarkson sings “I Dare You” in six languages.

Not only did Kelly recruit singers from around the world to perform the song, but she also sang the song in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish. At a time of global uncertainty, it’s a great way to bring people together.

Kelly Clarkson Releases Song ‘I Dare You’ In Six Languages

Kelly was joined by Faouzia (Arabic), Zaz (French), Glasperlenspiel (German), Maya Buskila (Hebrew), and Blas Cantó (Spanish) to perform the new song. In the mega-mix video above, the singers transition between their different languages, with Kelly joining in on all of them.


Kelly also recorded individual duets with each of the artists in their own language. You can hear all versions of the song on Spotify or on Kelly’s YouTube channel. According to Variety, this was Kelly’s “favorite/hardest project” to work on.

“It has always been a dream of mine, as I grew up singing in different languages,” Kelly said, “to find that perfect song, with the perfect message, to connect us all globally and then record that song with several other artists around the world in their native languages.”

Hear Kelly Clarkson’s new song “I Dare You.”

Why Kelly Chose To Release The Song Now

Kelly chose to go forward with the song’s scheduled release date, as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic. The message of the multilingual project couldn’t be more relevant.

“We have put a lot of work into this as a team and decided to continue with our release date of this project,” Kelly told Variety, “because we feel like we all couldn’t be more connected right now across the world, and maybe this message will bring a little hope in this sometimes dark, and isolating time.”


“I dare you to love / Oh, I dare you to love,” Kelly sings on the track. “Even if you’re hurt and you can only see the worst / Even if you think it’s not enough / Oh, I dare you to love.”

In her statement about the song, The Voice coach also thanked the artists who worked with her, and said, “We hope everyone out there connects with this message and chooses love instead of fear. I dare you.”


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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